Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sardine Bali

I have heard plenty good things about Sardine. Their excellent rice field views, the delicate food taste and the fine dining service within affordable price range. This trip I decided a visit to Sardine is on my must list. 

Sardine is not the kind of place you instantly like at first sight, but as you seated, greeted and let everything sink in, it'll start to grow inside you, and you'll find yourself liking this place much more compare to your first thought. That... is what happened with Sardine and I. 

From the outside, you wouldn't expect to have such view welcomes you inside the restaurant. Their rice field is such a beauty with soothing view. I would say the best time to come is during 4 to 5 pm when the sun is not that strikingly hot and you can find your self relaxing in one of their comfy rattan couches with a view that will calm and ease your mind.

The super comfy lounge area 

Love the view!

Complimentary iced water and bread basket. 

Sardine is a seafood restaurant with a bit of Italian twist.  The limited menu divided into lunch and dinner, offer mostly seafood as what their specialties are. I chose to have their recommendation Grilled whole fish Jimbaran style (145k) while my friend chose to have their Seafood risotto (130k).

The fish, I wouldn't know if it's on purpose or not, shaped like an owl. This dish, which according to the staff is their top seller, did make a point. It was a very fine dish. The fish meat was soft and fresh, good flavor with a well pairing of sambal matah. 

Unfortunately the risotto was a disappointment. I personally don't like the heavy cream sauce they use, but the overcooked rice was the main problem. Making a risotto is not easy, you need to be very careful on the cooking method and precise in the timing otherwise the rice texture won't be al dente. The texture shouldn't be hard, it should be supple and fluid which weren't found in theirs.

Despite, we enjoyed our lunch with a view situation. If I ever revisit, I think I'll choose to have only their light course and dessert, as the lounge with that super comfy rattan couches are only meant for light bites and desserts only. All in all, everything I've heard about Sardine, true.

Jl. Petitenget No. 21
Kerobokan, Bali
Ph. +62361 8436333
Opening hours: 11.30am - 1am (last order 11pm)
Price range: 55k - 285k 

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