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There aren't many restaurants that comes with strong ambiance which can affected me the moment I walked in, but Amber did.  Amber is sophisticated in so many levels. The newest restaurant from Mount Scopus group which also managed Negev, Balboni, The Harvest and Chateau Blanc is located at Senopati area just across Cacaote.

They have three storey, divided into three distinctive concepts. First level is the pastry boutique, as you walked in, you will be awed with the gorgeous sight of elegance and sophistication. Expensive and classiness all over the room. I am so bumped that it was raining all day that we didn't have the chance to take the exterior shot, which I can assure you on how prestigious it is. The monochrome black and white just blend in so right with the chic and classy interior.

I love the color choice. Black and white for the exterior and touches of silver grey on the first floor interior. Black, white and silver with chandelier is just the best combination to turn anything into looking expensive. Even the pastel shades they choose for the cushions still makes it classy instead of girly.

My favorite corner! 


They also have this personalized bag to purchase in amount of 700k. Me likey the so called H look a like bag, but if I am allowed to change a thing, I would make the AMBER logo embossed instead of with the plaque. I just feel the plaque makes the bag looks cheapy.


Moving on to second level, the dining room with library theme. I understand they want to have three different concepts in each level, but for me personally I feel the library theme has so less to compare with the boutique pastry. 

The stairs to second level, you could also take the lift. 

Customers can choose to have their meals at either first or second floor, but I feel the first floor is more suitable for light afternoon indulgence. If you want to have heavier meal, second floor would make better fit. 

The library concept on their dining room at second floor. 

Moving on the food. Aside from the wide selections of pastry, cakes and desserts on their first level of pastry boutique, Amber serves European cuisine with price range of 75k - 325k. 

 Complimentary bread starter. Soft, warm and crusty.

Love the hot chocolate! They especially bring in an imported distillation chocolate machine to ensure the smooth texture. We actually left the hot choco for a while, so when we had it, it wasn't warm anymore but still tasted so delish. I could only imagine how great it would be if we have it while it's warm. 

Beef, eggs, iceberg lettuce, anchovy, parmesan and tomato 

It's a bit pricey for a salad but since it comes with the juicy beef cubes, it was pretty understandable. I also liked the poached egg, though the egg yolk wasn't as melted as I expected. One important tips, eat the salad fast. My first bite was good, but when I reached for second refill, the dressing and the anchovy fused up making it way too salty.
When we saw this on the menu, I expected a super nice flavor and juicy tasted pork belly. I mean for a 13 hours prep. Unfortunately it was a bit overcooked, it was still good just not as tender as it should be. The carrot puree however was top notch, smooth and tasty.

For me their salmon is FTW! I've always been a huge fan of salmon and the way Amber did with them was so right. We asked to have it medium seared to maintain the smooth texture. I especially like the mixture of edamame, parsley, wasabi and green peas sauce. Strongly recommended dish.

The black risotto was cooked with mushroom and baby squids. The texture was a bit over cooked that it looked a bit like sticky rice instead of risotto, but the flavor was nicely done. Right seasoning and saltiness.

MACARON (15k/ pc) 

We basically tried all the 13 flavors, from the most unique flavors like curry and chilli pepper until the good old dulce chocolate which turned out to be my favorite flavors among all. Their macaron texture was easily cracked, but I liked how it was not overly sweet. 

After we finished our dinner, we went upstairs to their sky lounge. It was late and still raining so I probably didn't capture the venue at its best. But I love the glass ceiling, the natural light exposure would be so nice at daytime, also so HOT, that's why the sky lounge would only be open start at 5pm. 


A special thank you to the pretty boy behind eatandtreats to invite me and Cindy to go with him before Amber opens for public yesterday on Dec 28th. =)

So, another great option to spend your new years eve, don't you think? 

Thank you for reading!

Jl. Senopati No. 61
(Across Cacaote)
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29044412
Opening hours: 
Pastry boutique: 7am - 10pm
Library: 10am - 11pm
Sky lounge: 5pm - 1am
Instagram: @amberchocolatebar

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