Monday, December 22, 2014

Warung Sangrai PIK Jakarta

No matter how many new cafes open at Pantai Indah Kapuk, I always get more excited when the new one is something more of a comfort good food rather than those so called nice design cafes with so so food. I personally think PIK is lacking of diner with great food, affordable price with a kick to make the second visit. So, when Warung Sangrai opens several days ago, I was beyond thrilled. Here's why... 

Warung Sangrai originates from Bandung and I have wanted to try their tempting looking quail since I saw their instagram months ago. The 146km between Jakarta and Bandung gets in the way. So, when I found out they open at PIK, I went there a.s.a.p. 

By the time I write this post, I've been there twice. The second one took only one day after my first visit.

I only took one picture of the interior part as the place was full house the both times I went. I know it's a very common things nowadays for people to take picture before they eat, but personally I still am that person who has its own limit when I took picture for review purpose. No matter how badly I want my reviews to look good, I would never take pictures when it was too crowded in situation which I know would make people around me uncomfortable. 
Everyone has its own take on this, but I still feel manner and principal come first, unless it's on restaurant invitation, please always remember that it's a public place and you need to have a picture taking boundary. Just sayin'.

So, Warung Sangrai is a humble restaurant serving quail. They have two types of quail, local or french breed with 6 kinds of flavors, rawit (cayenne pepper), cabe garam (salt & chilli), cabe ijo (green chilli), goreng kecap (sweet soy sauce), sambal endeus (sweet & spicy) and original. The difference between the local and french breed is the latter one is bigger and meatier.

A bit of nutrition & benefit of quail, fyi:  
Low on cholesterol, high on protein and vitamin, boost up stamina, energy and memory, unleash blood circulation and strengthen your spine.

Original (french quail) 29k 

Rawit (french quail) 29k

Cabe Ijo (french quail) 29k

Sambal endeus (french quail) 29k

Cabe garam (french quail) 29k

As you see, we ordered and tried almost all flavors of the quails. Simply because one is not enough and they all tasted so very good! I love how they were fried so crisp yet remain to be tender on the inside. I love how they were not oily but at all! I hate oily freakin' fried things. I liked every single flavors but if I have to choose, the salty & spicy (cabe garam) is my favorite one.

We also had some of their side dishes, Tahu cabe garam (13k), tahu gerus pedas (13k), tempe kriuk (8k), cah toge (13k), and cah kangkung (13k). One need to be mentioned is the tempe kriuk, good and crunchy! 

To sum up, good place, finger lickin' good quails and affordable price. All I can say is thank you for branching to Jakarta, you quail pioneer! 

Warung Sangrai 
Ruko Emerald Blok A No. 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta 
(Few shops from Shirayuki, across Market City) 
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (until 11pm on weekend)
FB/ IG/ Twitter: @warungsangrai

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