Monday, December 22, 2014

UNION DELI Grand Indonesia

To me, Union is like a bestfriend, you don't see them everyday, but you know you can always count on them to make you happy. That's how Union makes me feel. I could always count on them for great food, good ambiance and hands down, the best cakes in town, to date! If there's one cafe I keep coming back, it's definitely them because Union made is well made.

Union now comes with their newest establishment, Union Deli, located at Grand Indonesia, inside the new Central department store. Aside from the addition of Deli on the branding, nothing different much on this new one. The monochrome duet between white brick walls and black windows with macho brown leather couches remain the same as their signature concept. 

The difference is on the menu, Union Deli focuses more on gourmet sandwiches with wider selections on the bakery and cakes. Expect to find lesser main course selections here as they limit it more on everything about artisanal breads, fresh baked pastries and their popular cakes, though rest assure some of the main course signatures, like Union burger and Mie Ayam "Foei Gras" is gladly be found here. 

Like their first outlet at Plaza Senayan, this one too only occupies not too big of space. I can imagine waiting list would be in order during peak timing. 

So I was there with my Mom, early brunch and it was my most enjoyable Union visit ever! Why? Because it was early and we were the only two customers! I love all my Union visits but the massive crowds sometimes made the dining sessions less comfortable.

Seeing how the deli specialties is on their sandwich, I asked the friendly staff for their recommendation and he strongly suggested the Classic Pastrami (125k)

The pepper crusted smoked beef brisket tucked inside whole wheat bread was REALLY REALLY GOOD! They even made their own homemade smoked beef, awesome right? No wonder it tasted that good! The meat portion was loaded and super tender. The whole wheat bread? Fantastic! Crisp and crunch just how I like it.  

You could notice the difference on their meat with others at the market, as theirs are homemade, the color is just nice, no preservatives and you could taste the freshness and how tender the beef is.

It comes with sides of slices of fried potatoes which was, YES, finger-licious crunchy. 

Can't leave Union without their signature red velvet! The one that until this very date still marks as the finest red velvet I've had in life. The frosting is super creamy yet so light that you would find it fulfilling without a strong cheese scent.

Right after we ordered the RV cake, I spotted a new thing on the menu. A Red Velvet Pie (50k). Now tell me, how can you resist a RV pie? So, tummy bloated, diabetic level on alert, yet I still insisting to order the pie, and I didn't regret it but at all. The pie is as good, if not better than the cake! It was moist and so so good! Personally, I love the pie a little bit more, as me always a crumble girl so I just simply love having more crumbs on the pie crust. Plus portion wise, I feel the pie suits me more. The RV cake is scrumptious, no doubt on that, but I could never finish one by my self. Portion wise, taste wise, crumbs wise, the RV pie is my new sinful best friend!

Since my first bite with their RV cakes years ago, Union has always been my place to go anytime I need a cake pleasing. My top three cakes, The RV (cake and pie), Nastar crumble and PB&J. These people really do have some serious baking talents! 

I won't say they serve the best food in town, but I am confident to say they bake the best cakes in entire J-town! If you stay in Jakarta and you haven't even try one of their cakes, you're missing out on something really really good. So, stop reading and treat yourself with some Union cakes!

Thanks for reading! =)

Union Deli
Central Department Store Ground Floor
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town 
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
Ph. +6221 23580476
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm 

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