Saturday, December 27, 2014

NOMZ Kitchen & Pastry Grand Indonesia

I'll start the post by complimenting on the creative brand's name. NOMZ. I love how catchy the sound of it, just like the sound we make when we're having good food. Nom nom nomz!

This month particularly is an exciting month for foodies with so many new restaurants popping up. For Jakarta residents who are not traveling abroad this holiday, make cafe hopping your to do list!

Chef Arnold Poernomo, the celebrity chef from Masterchef Indonesia is the genius behind NOMZ kitchen & pastry. Located at Ground floor of East side Grand Indonesia, across the new Central Department store, and yes opposite Union Deli. I gotta say it's a bold move to open in a quite secluded area where normally people will not be passing by. 

Since it's located at an intersection, the layout is more into lengthwise. It's an effective way to emphasize on the narrowness and lead the eyes to the length instead of the width. To anticipate on the crowds, they have outdoor seating with colorful wooden chairs. The overall design is more into industrial type with the undone ceiling and the rustic wall bricks. Me personally lovin' the touch of navy, red and white on the furniture, sailor theme all the way! 

I woof the idea of that trumpet screaming NOMZ! It's like telling everyone to expect a good food at this kitchen & pastry.  

NOMZ kitchen focuses on bringing Asian menu in more sophisticated way, while the pastry purposes on satisfying all sweet tooths with their mouthwatering desserts. 



Nomz is collaborating with @beaujkt for all the breads served there, including the baguette at one of their specialty Bahn Mi. It comes with braised pork belly, pickled carrot, coriander, chilli, cucumber, mayo and shallots. 
I was there with several of my foodie friends, and they weren't too fond of the baguette, they find it a bit rough and chewy. But for me, the girl who loves this kind of sourdough crisp baguette kind of bread, find this particular one to be quite satisfying. Though I strongly recommend it to be eaten as soon as served, keeping it too long will make the crusty texture turns soggy and even harder to chew. 
The fillings were okay, no complain on the pork belly but I would prefer to see more on the veggies to boost out that sour spices you would normally expected from a bahn mi. 


The humble and friendly Chef shared with us his love over Peking duck, and with this Szechuan style crispy duck, he was trying to mix it in with a bit of local touch. The combination between both could be seen on the cooking style with its two kinds of dipping sauce, hoisin and chili chutney. 

The duck leg was really good. It has this crisp texture on the outside with tender meat on the inside. I don't really understand why they put pancakes on the bottom, I still think the good old mashed potatoes would make better pair.


I was pretty tempted by its appearance, with all that sexy looking wagyu beef on the top. Unfortunately I find the taste was a bit lack of flavor. I'm not sure whether it was lacking of saltiness or the fact they didn't use any MSG. Bottom line, I was not a fan of this one though I find the beef to be satisfying despite some of the over cooked. Additional of sea urchin and foei gras is available upon chargeable request.


The chicken was roasted well, I immediately like the soft brownish color. Liking it more when the knife easily cuts through the tender meat and how the flavor balanced well. The vegetables on the bottom is a bit over cooked that it lost its crunchiness, but never mind, chicken to the rescue!

Moving on to desserts!


I didn't try this one, my spoon left hanging the moment I heard one of them said it's creamy and milky so I don't have any idea on the taste but some of my fellow foodies liked it very much. The top is dairy with crunchy nuts inside the vanilla sponge.

Yes, it's not really named chocolate flaky muffin. I didn't pay attention on the name and price as it was on the house, complimentary from the chef. So for now, let's just pretend the name as is, flavor wise, yumm meh! Flaky with chocolate shavings on top and melted gooey milk chocolate on the inside. Chocolate lovers won't be disappointed. Uumm Varlhona muffin perhaps?


This I like. The doughnut is soft with a bit of chewy texture, covered in raspberry and caramel as the filling.  But my favorite dessert of the day have to be the one I stupidly forgot to take a picture, the Bailey's Eclair (38k). It was really good! I love everything about it especially the generous amount filling of baileys vla. It will be on my reorder for next visit.

Grand Indonesia for sure is one of the rising shopping mall at the moment with so many new restaurants opening up, Slice of Heaven, Union Deli and two more coming soon, Itacho Sushi and Benedict. 

As for now...     

Let's all nom nom nom at NOMZ! Thank you for reading. 

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town 
Ground Flr East Mall 
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
(Across Central Dept Store, Below Kempi Deli)
Ph. +6221 23581211
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm (until 12mid on weekend)
FB & Instagram: @nomzjakarta
Price range: 55k - 295k

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