Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Yes Bottega, like in that Bottega Veneta.

Me lovin' everything about the name. Effortlessly chic. If Bottega Veneta represents Italian luxury leather, this Bottega embodies the fine food of Italian.

Bottega is the newest establishment from the same people behind Wilshire. Located at Lingkar Mega Kuningan at the lobby of Menara Bank Danamon, the restaurant opens early from 9am which is good as one of their target customers should be the professionals working around the area. 

My favorite one from the design would be the dark wood panel with gold plaque written BOTTEGA. Classy and expensive looking. Bottega has both alfresco and indoor seating. The alfresco seating is more casual with comfy couches and rattan chairs. Would make a perfect spot to have your lunch when the weather is friendly. 

If you've been to Wilshire, the interior is as pretty and somehow reflected them. Warm ambiance with artificial plants and their purple orchid signature. Entering the room you will find a neutral shades of couches in front of the wine bar. This section has more natural lights with the windows behind them. 

Moving closer inside the room you would find dimmer shades of lighting. I think the place would be so much prettier at night with dimmed light and that yellow fluorescent lamp hanging from the ceiling. As part of the interior, they also have mozaic art deco pattern on some of the flooring and walls. The striking blue definitely add colors to the room. 


In the menu is European food with mostly Italian. They also serve breakfast menu ranging from 55 - 79k. If the breakfast menu doesn't excites you, they also serve panini with your choice of breads.  

Olive tapenade, soft boiled quail eggs, haricot verts, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes, artichokes

A well cooked tuna, fresh veggie, nice seasonings. A quick tip from me, not sure if it will suits you, as people around me normally find it weird, but if you happen to have steak as your main course, try to order a fresh salad (preferably Arugula, but any kind will do), and put the fresh veggies on top of your steak meat and eat it together in one bite. It's like when you eat at Korean restaurant and have the bbq meat wrapped up inside the lettuce. For me, that's how I ate my steak and salad instead of finishing the salad first before moving on to the steak. 

Anyway, the reason I shared the tips is because I find the nicoise salad came to be a good fit for my steak frites below.

USDA Prime Striploin steak (200g) with Demi Glace & house made potato chips.

Duh-li-cious! I asked for well done and they made it just right. It was not overcooked so the juiciness was still there. The meat was tender and the seasonings were good.
The house made potato chips was so yummeh that they need to be included in the appetizers instead of only some side dishes. 


Chorizo, paprika aioli, sun dried tomatoes, arugula, cheddar, red onions, fries.

The bun was pretty okay, but overall we didn't like the burger quite much as we find the beef patty was too soft and mushy for our taste. The chorizo was also kinda hard to chew. The only good thing was again the potato chips! 


The chef's recommendation salted caramel churros was really good! Crusty and crisp with soft texture on the inside. Yes, the sugar icing and the salted caramel sauce probably not really good for your diet, but they tasted so good that you won't mind gaining that extra fat. Ivy recommended!

Overall we enjoyed our lunch. Good food with pretty ambiance. Loving the chic vibe. Based on the menu and how it was located at the same neighborhood, I could see Bottega as a strong contender for the good old Loewy.

Menara Bank Danamon
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav E4 No. 6
Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57992222
Opening hours: 9am - 12midnight
Instagram: @bottegaristorante

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