Saturday, December 20, 2014

BABA's at Huu Bar Bali

I started my December with a short Bali getaway with my bestie. A little story behind this Bali trip, my bestie had been on my nerve (in a good way) for quite a while about going on a trip just us two. She had been wanting to go to Korea, Seoul particularly, the city was actually our her first destination plan for our little bestie trip, but me, being (ehem) a good wife felt terrible about leaving my man that long, so instead, we made an impromptu change of plan and booked our tickets to a shorter length of trip and Bali is the chosen one.

I never that into Bali, but this trip actually felt different and I am finding myself wanting to go back to Bali soon. I guess the biggest difference between this trip and the few others back then is on the area we stayed. Normally with Hubs, we stayed at Nusa Dua or Jimbaran, but this time bestie and I chose to stay at Seminyak and loving it. The surrounding is heaven for foodie. So many great cafes with beautiful designs and good food! 

Overall we probably tried more than 15 places, aside from the post I have written about Bali's best local food, I'll start to review on the cafe hopping, starts from this one! 

I would say we love almost everything we tried and ate on this trip but BABA'S at Huu Bar is one of the highest highlight. Located at Petitenget, the restaurant is very spacious with outdoor and semi indoor type of diner. As we entered the gate, we walked into a pretty garden with coconut trees. Just next to it, there's a pool with lounge area on the side, a cozy space with big comfy couches.

BABA's serves Asian food. Though there are several steaks on the menu, their specialty is on the Asian dishes especially the Laksa noodles and Hainan chicken rice. At night, the Huu bar serving variety of cocktails and beers.

Rice noodles, shrimps, fishcakes, tofu, boiled eggs, shredded chicken in light coconut gravy. 

We ordered their most popular dish and loved it like crazy! It was super super delish. The rice noodle were cooked right, the coconut gravy in particular was so good! It was light and rich flavor, so good that we feel the need to come back for second bowl on our last day before going back home. 

Deep fried dory with sweet spicy sauce with a choice of coconut, jasmine or chicken rice. 

I never am a fan of fish, so when bestie ordered this, I was pretty sure i'm not going to like it. The chef at BABA's proved me wrong. Their fried dory fish was like very very good! It was so well cooked, deep fried to perfection, super crisp and not oily but at all. We chose to have it with chicken rice and was again loved it. Right texture, good flavor, nice aroma. 

Half a dozen beef, chicken, seafood skewers served with peanut sauce, sweet sauce and pickled vegetables. 

I don't really expect much on how good the appetizer, or in this case, the satay would be. Then again we were taken by surprise with its delicious taste. The meat, take it on the beef, chicken or the seafood were all well grilled, tender and juicy. You would think the seafood skewers would be kind of soft and mushy, but they were not. They were all really good. 

I must say that BABA's definitely comes as one of the place I will definitely revisit the next time I'm in Bali. Excellent food, not to mention stunning food presentation. I always like it when both my eyes and tummy were well pleased. When you're in Bali, do me a favor, go to BABA's and give your taste buds some treats!

BABA's at Huu Bar
Jl. Petitenget 
Seminyak, Bali 
Ph. +62361 4736576
Opening hours: 11am - 10.30pm 
Instagram: @babasbali
Price range: 55k - 160k

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