Friday, January 13, 2012

Lord Stow's Egg Tart Macau

Before I went on my trip, I did some searching on the best egg tart in Macao. Of course, it was a normal view to see many egg tarts in Macao especially along the Senado Square, but there were two that been claimed as the best, Margaret's Cafe e Nata and Lord Stow's. I was in doubt to found both of them as streets in Macao were all in Portuguese language, luckily when I opened Lord Stow's website, I found they have branch in Venetian so it will be definitely easy to find. 

After wandering in Senado Square and taking pictures at St. Paul, we went to Venetian. Lord Stow's located at the Marcopolo district. The place was small with only few tables. At first, I was not really eager for egg tart as I thought it will had this dairy smell which I don't like, but when I looked at the egg tart displayed in Lord Stow's, I know that I had to give it a try and I was so glad I did. It was the best egg tart! The puff was crisp yet the center was moist and not dairy or milky at all. Hands down. The best egg tart I ever tasted. 

The best part was they have an exclusive license at Cafe Espresso, Excelsior Hotel in Hong Kong so when we back in Hong Kong, me and my friend went there twice to satisfy our cravings. My friend even bought 12 pcs to bring back to Jakarta.

The price in Macao is 8 MOP, and in HK is $9 per pcs.

Note: 1 HKD = IDR 1180
HKD can be used for payment in Macao.

Lord Stow's 
Shop 2119, Marcopolo District
Grand Canal Shoppes, Venetian

Cafe Espresso
Level Ground Excelsior Hotel
281 Gloucester road, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong


sheila said...

halo :) mau tanya egg tart nya dibawa ke jakarta rusak ga ya? apa masih yummy sampe jakarta? belinya harus langsung pas hari H mau pulang ya?

regards ^^

Ivy said...

Ngak rusak koq. :) msh tetap enak sampe bsknya aja tp jgn simpen ampe lusa.
Belinya pas hari H mau balik jkt. Tinggal pre heat di microwave pas mo makan atau makan dingin2 dr kulkas juga enak :D