Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Modern Toilet Shen Zhen

The first time I knew about Modern Toilet was when I visited Taiwan several years ago. My friend who was studying in Taipei took me for a dinner there, and since their delicious Hot Pot always be remembered. When I was planning my trip to Hong Kong, I was so excited to know that Modern Toilet had a branch there. However, we ended to eat at the branch in Shenzen. 

We stayed at Days Inn Shenzen during our time there and it was strategically located in Dongmen Pedestrian Street where shops and dining places surrounding the street. As we were confused on looking for something to eat, we spotted Modern Toilet in the 2nd floor of a shop. Rushing in as it was almost 9pm, we quickly order Thai style beef hot pot (45 Yuan) and Kimchi Hot pot seafood (59 Yuan). 

While waiting for our meals to be served, I walked around to took pictures of the interior. Like the name, Modern toilet concept was designed to ensure the customers really did feels like they were eating in a bathroom. From the toilet seat, basin, towel & bath robes accessories till the serving plate were all designed in toilet shape. I think they were brilliant to came up with these humorous design ideas. Nowadays, Modern toilet really did has a massive development as their first branch in Kaohsiung had growth into 10 branches spread in Taiwan. 

Private room A

Private room B

Our hotpot came, instead of using a bowl or a hot pot, they placed it in a designated toilet seat hot pot. It was cute, and the hot pot were delicious. The seafood and beef slices were fresh, broth were delicious. I like the Thai style beef more than the kimchi broth though. But if you like kimchi, it was surely worth to order. 

Modern Toilet 
2nd flr, Jiefang rd 1004
Dongmen Bujingjie, Shenzen 
Ph. 0755 - 82229281


pinkcherry said...

Whoah, I read about this restaurant before but I always wonder how people can still have their appetite when they see all the toilet stuffs around? XD

The food looks yummy though I don't think I can eat from the "toilet bowl"! Hahaha :)

Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Wah, are you on a shopping trip for Lemon? Coz the areas you mention are very popular for fashion wholesalers...Anyway, that's really interesting to know in China they have a penchant for unique dining concepts too! =)

Ivy said...

@pink cherry: can! hahaha just focus on the yummy meals. ;)

@Ellyna: no, I was not there for lemon. purely holiday & food. hahaha