Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

The first day of a fresh new year!

Lemon's blazer, Mcqueen scarf, Longchamp bag, Marie Claire boots

I am one of those persons who like to set certain list of things I want to accomplish in the new year, no matter they all will be accomplished or not, but I just like to listed down all the things, making sure I have goals I need to work on.

Here are some of my list for this 2012: 
1. To genuinely be a better person 
2. A baby :)
3. A new house
4. Website for Lemon
5. To be a better home chef for my husband 
6. Australia trip

What's yours? ;)

Have a wonderful 2012!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Amy,

I just came back from Melbourne. Great Ocean Road is a must see if you go there. SARAH