Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yunguixiang Rice Vermicelli Hong Kong

This noodle was also one of my always must have whenever I went to Hong Kong. I first know this place was from my Dad's sister and since then the place had took a very big place in my taste bud. 

It was a little bit hard to recognize this place as it only had the Chinese signage in front of the restaurant and was located in an alley, but a big alley where car can fit in, not a small alley. The place open at 11am and closed until midnight, it was one of the dining where it was still very crowded during midnight. 

Remember to ask for the menu in English as they only put Chinese menu in the table. The waiter can be rude, but hey it's Hong Kong, it will be weird to bump into nice waiter. =) Anyway, these what we ordered. A bowl of small pot rice vermicelli (HKD 22). The original came with bean sprout, chives, salted vegetables but you can choose to add side dishes to complement with the vermicelli for $6 per items. At that time, I chose extra of tofu skin, mushroom and beef balls. 

Need no say, the best vermicelli ever. It was so hot that just fits well with the cold weather, the broth, the noodle and literally everything inside the bowl were delicious. Love it! 

Too bad I really forgot to took a photo of the restaurant inside & outside. In my defense, it was late. We just got back from a tiring Disneyland & City Gate factory outlet and I was cold and hungry, all I can think of at that time was eat! But this is the direction to go there. 

Guidance: From Sogo Causeway Bay, just go straight passing by Causeway Bay Plaza, keep straight until the corner and turn right. Cross the road in your left, enter the first alley. Keep walking and you will see a big red signage with Chinese name in your right. There will be pictures of vermicelli outside the restaurant. 
Or if you are not staying in causeway Bay, exit MTR Causeway Bay station exit B. When you exit, turn right until the corner again turn right, then cross the road in your left, enter the first alley.

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