Friday, January 13, 2012

Wong Chi Kei

My friend told me that she was having this huge craving for the noodle she had when she came to Macao the last time. She couldn't remember the name but luckily remember well on where it was located. It was very easy to find, located in the famous Senado Square. It was at the left side near the centre of Senado, with a big sign board of black and gold written the name "Wong Chi kei" it was really easy to be spotted. 

The place was crowded, the place was only a small ruko but the dining took all the 3rd level so it was quite many seating. We looked at the menu and started to order. I went with Braised noodle with wonton & dumpling (MOP 35), while my friend chose Sliced of beef with noodle in soup (MOP 28) and we ordered a plate of Deep fried wonton (MOP 26) for share. 

Braised noodle w/ wonton & dumpling

Sliced of beef w/ noodle in soup

Deep fried wonton
I must say that the noodle were cooked perfectly the way I like it. The noodle was very crisp and the dumpling and wonton were delicious, full of crunchy shrimp inside and well seasoned although I found the noodle were quite bland. The deep fried wonton was also a top notch, the skin were crispy fried and the center was filled also with shrimp unlike most of deep fried wonton where you fill find minced meat on it. Love it. A must try. I didn't try my friend's beef noodle. 

We both enjoyed our lunch too much that we went there again the next day for breakfast. This time, I tried their congee. I went for Pig's intestine congee (MOP 27), I thought that it will be a mixed of the liver, meat and the rest of pork, instead it was all only the intestine (colon) so I can't say it was a delightful breakfast although the congee itself were good. My friend went with Shrimp dumpling w/ noodle in soup (MOP26). It was the same as the one I ordered the previous day, only this one came in soup. It was good. 

Pig's intestine congee with preserved egg

Shrimp dumpling w/ noodle in soup
Note: You can use HKD in Macau, no need to change to MOP (Pataca).

Wong Chi kei
17 Largo Do Seal Senado
Opening hours: 8am - 11pm

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