Sunday, January 15, 2012

Laurel Garden Chinese Shen Zhen

I read in that it was essential to pay a visit to Laurel when we happen to be in Shenzhen so when we went there I was eager to have dimsum at Laurel. Luckily it was located at Lowu shopping mall which just in the same area with MTR station to Hong Kong, so the morning before we went back to Hong Kong, we stopped by at Laurel for morning dimsum. 

The restaurant was located on the 5th floor but it was not easy to find. Since we didn't know the Chinese name of Laurel, we found difficulty to ask for directions as Lowu shopping mall was very large and not many of them understand English. We were desperate and about to give up when we spotted a man with Laurel's name engraved in his chef uniform, so we quickly asked him and he showed us the way. No wonder we couldn't find it as it was located at the same entrance as the alley for toilet! 

The place was quite fancy but not super and even it was a weekday and we reached there around 10am, the place was buzzing with crowds. I was surprised that the service was very polite considering all the rude shop keeper we met during our shopping at Lowu the previous day. 

There were a piece of paper with dimsum list in the table so we can just thick what we want and passed to waiter when he came. We ordered steamed shrimp dumpling, steamed chicken feet w/ black bean sauce, steamed vermicelli rolls Laurel special, Pan fried bean curd skin rolls with shrimp, Deep fried dumpling w/ shrimp & meat and a bowl of Congee w/ preserved egg and pork. 

To me they were all tasted very standard, nothing to be bragged about. The price was not cheap either, it was marked around 18 - 22 Yuan per items. However, considering they were one of the promising restaurant in Shenzhen with branches in Macao and Shanghai too, it was ok to know the place. =) 

Laurel Garden Chinese 
5/fl suite 5010, Luo Hu Commercial City
Railway Station Square
Luohu district, Shenzhen 
Ph. +86 755 82322668

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