Friday, January 6, 2012

Patong Seafood

On our last buying trip, we managed to squeeze some time to Phuket for a break. Hubby always has this thing a for beach so we went for Phuket to have a tour to the famous Phi Phi Island. I will share about this on my blog later. We talk about food first. ;)

On our last night in Phuket, we went for a seafood dinner. At first, I was aiming to look for a street hawker seafood, as I always feel that Rupiah actually had value in Bangkok, all the foods were cheap, and I guess I wanted to feel the same thing on Phuket, but after wandering the streets in Patong, we didn't found such place so we gave up and enter a seafood restaurant with signage "Patong Seafood. Best seafood since 1979" right across Patong beach, the place was crowded so we figured it shall be good.

They restaurant was huge with classic old wood design, not really have anything to comment on. Looking at the menu, they served both Italian and selections of seafood. After looking through the menu, we chose Stir fried clams with chilli paste and sweet basil leaves (THB 180), Fried squid with garlic & pepper (THB 490), Deep fried fish with garlic & pepper (THB 550), Fried chicken wrapped with pandanus leaves (THB 180) and Spicy soup with mixed seafood (THB 180). Yes, it was a lot for just us two. We didn't even noticed and just keep ordering until all the foods served and we were like, Gosh how to eat all this? And yes we end up on take away. 

Stir fried clams w/ chilli paste and sweet basil leaves

Spicy soup w/ mixed seafood

Fried chicken wrapped w/ pandanus leaves

Deep fried fish w/ garlic & pepper

Fried squid w/ garlic & pepper

I wouldn't review one by one on the food, to me the place was way too pricey. The fish not even fresh even though the rest of the dishes was quite ok. There's a section for us to chose our self for the size and weight of the squid and fish, all of them were quite big that was meant for minimum 3 persons. The only dish that we loved was the squid, it was to die for. Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. 

The next day on our way to airport we saw many other seafood restaurants if we just walk further from Patong beach. 

Patong Seafood
Beach road 200 m north of Soi Bangla
Phuket, Thailand
Ph. +86 076341244

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