Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fairwood Hong Kong

Fairwood is one of the largest food chain in Hong Kong. They can be categorized as fast food although not really like KFC or Mcdonalds type. With many branches more than 90 spread in Hong Kong and China, they served from early AM to late PM with different types of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this place was one of places to dine for many Hong Kong residents who looked for quick dine beside one of the most famous fast food chain, Cafe de Coral which I also dined there but completely forgot to took picture.

Designed in orange, on the side near the cashier, they put the menu list on the wall. So the procedures are we looked at the menu placed on the wall, go to the cashier to order and pay, go to the pick up corner and bring the order our self to table.

I always love their Lo Ma Kai ($28). It was different with others, as theirs were very big and inside the filling they put shitake mushroom, pork sausage, meat, beans and chicken wing with teriyaki sauce. Yes, it was big enough to be filled in with chicken wing. Definitely a must try. 

Note: 1 HKD = IDR 1180

Basement of Causeway Commercial Building
No. 1-5 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Ph. +852 28562248
Other branches can be found at: 

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