Monday, January 23, 2012

Yung Kee Hong Kong

One of the meal must eat when visiting Hong Kong is definitely the roast goose. I love roast goose and I hardly ever find any roast goose in Jakarta. Anyway, in the airport used to have a quick fast food selling different kinds of barbeque from duck, goose, chicken to pork and the roast goose was quite but I was told that they no longer selling goose, so I have to find another place. I knew about Yung Kee from the free book of dining places in HK I picked up in airport. It was written that Yung Kee was very famous for its roast goose and the restaurant had won bunch of awards. 

We were lucky to found Yung Kee with only the help of a map. Entering the place, it was definitely an upscale restaurant type. The place was very crowded while it was only 10 something in the morning. I wonder how much money they got in a day. I was informed that we need to go upstairs to put our name in the wait list. The lady upstairs in the reservation desk was very nice, even in the center of a buzzing crowd of wait list, she was still very polite and kind whenever people asked her when can be seated. From her also I learned that first floor was meant for an easy quick dining type with orders of BBQ rice set, while the second floor was meant for a more expensive family dining type where no rice set will be served, instead we can only order ala carte and dim sum. We chose 2nd floor and about 30 minutes wait list, we were seated.

When I opened the menu, I was inhaling while I saw the prices. It was super pricey. The goose itself had different size to choose, from regular, half and one full piece. Regular was a small portion meant for 3 persons and it cost us HKD 150, while all the vegetables were ranged around HKD 65 to HKD 100. We went for a regular Roast goose and selections of Dim Sum where the Dim Sum were around HKD 32. 

Overall to me, the award recognition didn't say much on the food. The dim sum were standard, and the roast goose was not as juicy and tender as I would expected. But it was good to know the place remembering that they are really famous in HK. 

Yung Kee
32 - 40 Wellington Street 
Central, Hong Kong
Ph. +852 25221624

Guidance: Stop at MTR Central exit D2, turn right then turn left. You will see across a big store of Coach in the corner. Enter that alley, and you will see a sign on the right, first alley named Stanley street, skip that alley and walk to the second alley sign Wellington street. Enter the alley and you will directly see Yung Kee on the left.

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