Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cha Time

Ah Cha Time... What can I say about you except love you to the max!

Cha Time @ Velocity

Cha Time @ Central Park

I had been on dieting mode for the past few days but yet one thing I can't let go is drinking bubble tea. Actually it's not only about bubble tea, I love beverages, I used to always order Starbucks Lemonade Zen Tea when Jakarta hasn't been attack by so many different brands of bubble tea. I'm not sure why but every time I go to mall, I will make sure there's a cold beverage accompany me wandering.

Sadly, I never found any really yumm bubble tea in Jakarta. The thing is I like sour things for my drinks, but all the sour teas were just not sour enough. Until I met Cha Time. I knew Cha Time just a week ago when I went to Spore. On my way to Wee Nam Kee, I exit Velocity and saw Cha Time on my right near exit door, so I stopped by and order their Taiwan plum ice tea w/ aloe vera ($2,9). It was so gooood. The sour was in perfect portion, love it! Very very refreshing.

When I got back to Jakarta, I remember I heard my friend said that Cha Time had opened in Central Park and Mall Puri Indah, so the second day I got back, I quickly went to Central Park with bestie. It was located in front of May Star and crowded. I ordered Sour plum green tea w/ aloe vera (21k) and my bestie ordered Taiwan plum ice tea w/ bubble (21k). Service was awfully slow but totally worth the wait, right amount of sour plum with the refreshing tea. Yumm to the max! 

Few days later I went back to Central Park and bought my self a large cup of Taiwan plum ice tea, this time the service was quick, nicely improved from the last time. Cha Time, you're definitely my favorite bubble tea so far in Jakarta.

Cha Time
Central Park Mall LG Floor
(in front of May Star)
Jl. S.Parman Kav 28
West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 99465288

Other outlets:
- Chatime Puri Indah Mall, inside Ace Hardware (+6221-92298000)
- Chatime Alam Sutera (+6221-91273700)
- Chatime Gandaria, inside Ace Hardware (+6221-99229905)
- Chatime Artha Gading Mall, inside Ace Hardware (+6221-91273629)
- Chatime Kelapa Gading Mall, LG (+6221- 93286008)
- Chatime Bintaro, inside Ace Hardware (+6221- 99509434)
- Chatime Ciputra Mall, LG (+6221-99507823)
- Chatime Senayan City, 2nd flr (+6221-72781214)
- Chatime Grand Indonesia, 3A flr (+6221-23580068)
- Chatime Kota Kasablanka, LG 
- Chatime Plaza Semanggi, 3rd flr
- Chatime Emporium Pluit, 1st flr
- Chatime Pantai Indah Kapuk, ruko crown

Also available in Surabaya and Bali.


SeorangPrempuan said...

you should try their chatime roasted milk tea, plus coconut jelly. I couldn't NOT ordering that each time :P

Ivy said...

yes, my friend like that one too. I can't eat dairy things so I never order milk tea. :(