Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Finally! After the so many times of wanting to have a meal here, several days ago I finally able to have a lunch there with my two close friends. Ever since its opening, Union had been crowded daily with customers. The place was always in a long waiting list couple times I went there, so few days ago me and my friends have a movie date in Plaza Senayan, and I was very excited as it was Monday noon and I figured that normally weekday will not be as crowded as on weekend. I was wrong. I think in Union there were no difference on weekdays nor weekend as even it was a quiet view on the mall, but stepping inside Union was a different view. The place was jam packed with people. Luckily before we went it to see "The Vow" (nice movie, must watch), we went to Union first to make a reservation for lunch after our movie, so we were safely seated without having to wait. 

The first thing popped in my mind when I stepped in was "Niceee". Yes, it was crowded, full of noise and we sadly got seated at smoking section, but I like the dining concept. It was very American type, intimate concept with pastry area welcoming us as we enter the entrance, and our eyes were spoiled with all these beautiful tempting cake. Bar area was at the left side in smoking section. 

As we seated, we quickly order as the waiter had informed us in advance that we got only 2 hours due to the long list. Not something I particular fond of to be cautious on timing while enjoying my meal, but if that what it took to experience Union, then an exception were made. I have made up my mind that either full or not, a slice of Red Velvet cake (50k) had to be the one ended my lunch there, so I ordered that to share along with 
Bratwurst sausage w/ mashed potatoes (75k). While my friends chose Crispy skin salmon with mashed potatoes, orange & ginger soy (125k) and Crispy duck leg with green chilli and aromatic rice (90k). 

The meals came and we shared each of our food. Overall, I think all the dishes were just ok. The one that exceed my expectation was the red velvet cake. I have heard so many good things about Union's red velvet, but as someone who was not really into cakes, I was blown away by its taste. It was very moist with surprisingly non smelly cheese and I liked the crunchy peanuts. 
Plaza Senayan Ground Flr (inside Sogo)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57905861

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Red velvetnya nagih dehhh, pengen kesana lagi cuman buat ngeteh heheh