Monday, February 27, 2012

Hummingbird Eatery

I have been curious about this place since I saw their web quite some time ago, so last weekend when hubby and I went to Bandung, I was very excited. It was an impromptu trip, we headed Bandung around 6pm and reached there almost 9pm and went straight to hotel. After checked in, I called Hummingbird to make sure whether they still open, luckily their last order was at 11.30pm. Another luck was our hotel, Novotel located not too far from Progo street where Hummingbird was. 

Arriving there, the place was jam packed and it was such a beautiful cute dining. I adore both the interior and exterior. The outdoor dining tables was put inside some sort of big nest, it was very unique.

While the inside interior was so adorable with all these cute designs. Look at them, aren't they cute? Btw, all the interior and exterior were courtesy of their FB page. =) It was so crowded when we were there so my pictures taken weren't really good, but I trully want people who read this post to see the beautiful interiors so I copied from their FB's picture.

They had opened for 1,5 years and I could see how they immediate took place in the heart of Bandung's citizens, looking from how crowded they were and people keep on coming even when the clock starting to turn 11pm. They open since 7am to serve daily breakfast as well serving both Asian & western type of food. 

The menu was written with chalk in small black board. We decided to have Spicy thai beef salad (32,5k) for the appetizer. Tenderloin steak (62,5k) and Classic fish and chips (42,5k) for our main course. As for the drinks, we chose Heliconia ice tea (15k) and Summer garden lemonade (17k).

We love all the foods. They were nicely done both in presentation and taste. The spicy thai beef salad was superb. I will definitely back to Hummingbird next time I'm at Bandung, probably for the breakfast. Very recommended!

*photo of interior & exterior are courtesy of Hummingbird Eatery's FB page. 

Hummingbird Eatery
Jl. Progo No. 14 
(off jl. Banda - Jonas photo studio)
Ph. +6221 4212582

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 7am - 22.30pm
Sat: 7am - 23.30pm
Sun: 7am - 22.30pm

Other branch: Kuningan City, Jakarta

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