Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gang San

One of my friend had been telling me about this Korean place located in Kelapa Gading. I have been craving for Korean food lately but Gading just so far away and famous for the traffic, so I keep on waiting for the right moment to visit Gang San. One particular Friday, as my voucher for a spa located in Gading was about to expired, I found two reasons to faced the traffic at Gading; Spa & Gang San.

I was informed that Gang San located at the Boulevard across from Seafood 212. It was not hard to find, strategically located in the corner of the street. There was only couple of tables occupied during our lunch there. Good, hopefully faster service. As I opened the menu, the prices were definitely higher than some Korean place I went like Chung Gi Wa or Han Gang, even the Jap Chae cost 130k. Anyway, we ended on ordering Tokpoki (120k), Bumbu Samcan (89k) and Tofu soup (65k). Tokpoki was a popular dish in Korea, made from rice cake and was marinate with sweet sauce. I don't really like rice cake but as an occasionally Korean movie viewer, I was curious as I often saw they were eating it deliciously.

One of the thing I like from dining in Korean restaurant was the free appetizers, I always looking forward to it. I mean, something free and good, what's not to be liked? I was surprised when the waiter came with appetizers, it reminded me of eating in Padang restaurant. So many plates of appetizers served, 19 of them. I asked the waiter was it always so many appetizers, and she explained to me that the qty of appetizers served depends on the qty of main course selected. Maximum appetizers are 23 types, we got 19 at that time. 

Free appetizers

Bumbu Samcan

Tofu Soup

What so great about Gang San was not only the ocha was refillable, the appetizers too! You can ask for refills as many times as you like. Anyway, main course time. The Tokpoki came in huge portion. I took a bite and wasn't able to bring my self to chew for second bite. The taste was just too weird for me, I feel like eating a rubber band. I guess I'm not Korean enough as in the movie they seem to enjoyed it much. ;) The tofu soup was standard, and the meat was grilled too much so it was too dry. Overall, I think their appetizers were nicer than the main courses.

I got into a brief conversation with the waiter and she told me that Gang San just opened 2 years ago and owned by a real Korean but the chef was Javanese.

Gang San
Jl. Boulevard Raya Block PA No.1
Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 45858033

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