Friday, February 10, 2012

Bakmi Coboy

Several months ago in one Saturday morning, I picked up my friend in her house. My friend's house was located inside the Pluit Sakti complex and entering the complex there were security post where they will handed us an entrance card. Being located in quite secure complex, I found it a little bit strange passing by a noodle seller (street cart vendor type) inside the neighborhood, and it was crowded. Lots of cars parked around the cart, and as it was a street vendor with only 2 small tables, I saw the customers bringing the bowl to be eaten at their cars. At that time, I was thinking I have to give it a try. I did, several morning ago.

I went with my husband around 8 something on Sunday morning, and again the place was full. The owner was a quite elder man, it was really a typical street cart noodle vendor. I saw they used a look like abandoned empty house across to put few tables in the yard. I asked the owner what did he sell, he told me he only have one type of chicken noodle (10k) with no other options, so we ordered two bowls. While waiting for our noodle, I saw there was a plastic container filled with fried meatballs (6k). We took 3 pcs and it was surprisingly yum, no smell of rancid from the cooking oil. 

The noodle came, again to emphasize it was literally very standard typical noodle with minced soy sauce chicken in the top. The taste was not bad, but just so so & nothing special. Looking at the crowd, I can only say some place really must have a good feng shui.

Bakmi Coboy
Street vendor Inside complex Pluit Sakti 
North Jakarta

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