Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beatrice Quarters

One Saturday after lunch at Sushi Tei, my friend and I went to Beatrice Quarters located at Pantai Indah Kapuk. The interior was so cute with all the flower curtains and cute lamps. We sat outside as the waiter said that inside had been reserved.

As we were still full from our sushi lunch, we only ordered the dessert. I saw they have quite selections on the honey toast, so we went with that and chose Tiramisu princess (55k), tiramisu toasted bread w/ espresso sauce and coffee dust. For the beverage, we both chose Honey Lemonade (28k). The lemonade came and it was good, the sourness was refreshing. Meanwhile, the toast bread took forever to be served, I think it was around 30 minutes only for a dessert to be served. Haiizzz... 
Luckily it was a good one, so the waiting time was paid off. However, looking at the size of the bread which was quite large, I think they should at least put 2 scopes of Ice cream. One scope just not enough. Other than that, it was a good dessert. 

Beatrice Quarters
Jl. Marina Ruko Crown block B 26
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph. +628 1322157245



tempatnya bagus ya, manis2 gitu

Ivy said...

iyah tempatnya cute bgt hehehe

Sparkling Blossom said...

Itu makanannya kayak roppan gt bukan ci roti atasnya ad icecream + topping ? Trus makanan lainnya ad apa aja ? :)

Ivy said...

@sparkling: ga tll kaya roppan sih, cuman ya kaya gitu2 tapi dia lbh besar. Pernah coba yg di en dining? sama persis kaya en.
makanan lain banyak, ada pasta en spaghetti dsbnya juga. Enak koq Beatrice, worth to visit. :)

winda octavia said...

whoaa i love beatrice too!!
do you? =)
cute blog, dear ..