Friday, February 3, 2012

No Signboard Seafood Singapore

I found this blog when I was blog walking and it was one of the best Singapore food blog, The pictures could easily makes you drooled. A highly recommended blog to visit before you come to SG. Anyway, the reason I was blog walking was because I wanted to know which place in Spore serve the most delicious chilli crab, and Ladyironchef claimed that No Signboard Seafood had the best one. 

On our way to Sentosa, we stopped by at Vivo City for lunch at No Signboard. It was quite empty but the waiter told me that they have full reservation with guests coming shortly so it took him a while to find us a table. The place was nicely designed with classy modern Chinese ambiance. We sat down and began to order. Actually No Signboard was famous for its white pepper crab rather than the chilli crab, so I chose Sri Lankan Crab cooked in 2 ways, chilli crab and white pepper crab ($100) for us to compare which one was nicer along with Superior XO sauce scallop ($25), Deep fried ginger bull frog ($30), Lemon Chicken ($20), Sambal Kangkong ($12) and 10 pcs of Mantou ($5) to eat with the chilli crab gravy

Sri Lankan Chilli Crab

Sri Lankan White Pepper Crab

Sauted scallop w/ XO sauce

Deep fried ginger bull frog

Lemon Chicken

Sambal Kangkong

The service was very prompt, attentive and polite. I was very impressed, I don't remember getting the same service when I ate at Jakarta's branch. Ok, back to the food, Ladyironchef wasn't lying, the crab was extremely delicious. As someone who is not a fan of crab, having me to say extremely delicious was absolutely must be something worth to try. The chilli crab was so yummy, the gravy was delicious, crab was perfectly cooked and the shell was soft so we can easily break it. As for the white pepper crab, it was as good as the chilli one, they cooked it with a lot of pepper so it was spicy pepper way. Very very delicious. Now let's review the rest of the dishes, Sambal Kangkong was surprisingly nice, I thought that Singaporean can't cook anything nice with sambal, but they proved me wrong. The scallop however was so so, both bull frog and lemon nice was very nice as well, crunchy and well seasoned. 

Quick fact on why it was named No Signboard Seafood. 

It was a pricey lunch but with that kind of food & quality service, it was all very worth it. 

Note: 1 SGD = IDR 7160

No Signboard Seafood
1 Harbourfront Walk #03-02
Vivo City, Singapore
Ph. +65 63769959


irene said...

wowwww the crab looks totally drool-worthy! and ladyironchef is said to be the best food blog in south east asia, if I am not mistaken, no wonder the photos are amazing :)

Ivy said...

yes... south asia blog award or something. he deserves it, his blog is really greattt! drooling bgt kn liat foto2 dia.