Tuesday, February 28, 2012

90 Gourmet

We were supposed to go to The Windchime for our lunch, but turns out they only open from 11am - 2pm for lunch and by the time we found out it was almost 2pm and we were still far from the area. Too bad as I really wanted to try that place. With a pinch of disappointment, I started to think of other options for lunch and I remembered the last time I went to Bandung, I passed by 90 Gourmet on our way to D'Palm. 

When we walked in, how the place looked was beyond my expectation. It was gorgeous! The place was huge, very huge where the smoking and non smoking section was separated very far with an empty yard as the separator. They also have patio in the upper floor where 3 zones (smoking, non smoking and patio) came with 3 different kinds of design. It was lovely. They had this big electric candle put inside some sort of bird cage as substitute for actual lighting at the non smoking section. While the smoking section was as beautiful as the non smoking one, designed to look like terrace with this bright yellow and orange color dominated. The patio itself was smaller as it only occupied about a quarter of upper floor, designed more in a modern wooden way. Very nice.

Smoking section
Non smoking section
The empty yard as separator between smoking and non smoking zone

90 Gourmet was a combination of two restaurants, Azuma which served Japanese and Orange Blossom who served International selections from pasta, light meal and desserts. The patio itself have their own personal menu too, western food. However, there were no benchmark of where we must sit as all the menu from each restaurants will be shown to us. 

After wandering around admiring the nicely done concept, we began to order. Well, I was the one who wandering around, my husband couldn't care less :). These what we order from Azuma's menu, Horenzo salad (36k), Spicy salmon gunkan (24k), Crispy salmon maki (28k), Spicy salmon head fried (45k), and Unagi donburi (110k). We chose Caramello banana (24k), caramelized banana crepes topped with ice cream and chocolate from Orange Blossom as our dessert.

To us the sushi and donburi were so so and overpriced, but we loveeee the Caramello banana. It was delicious! The banana was sweet and soft dipped in caramel sauce and the crunchy crepes makes it a perfect dessert. I will definitely be back to try Orange Blossom and the patio's menu. Very recommended! 

90 Gourmet
Jl. R.E Martadinata 90
Ph. +622 4203295
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm

Guidance: From Herritage FO in your left, just go straight passing through KFC in your right. Pass the red light, not far you will find 90 Gourmet on your right side. 

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