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Things to do in Hong Kong

What I can say about Hong Kong is hands down one of my favorite city in Asia. My first time to HK was during my elementary school and since then the city has took a place in my heart. Yes, the people can be rude, I hate that too but I love the rest. I never once get bored of the city. Even at midnight, you can see that people are still crowding the streets, and most of their diners closed at 2am in the morning. I love the food, the fashion and the fact that it is so convenient to go anywhere with their MTR subway, even to Shenzen. 

The worst time to go to Hong Kong is on May to September. The weather is around 33 Celsius and it is so hot that you can barely enjoy anything. The perfect weather would be October to December. End of January to early March would be the coldest, but bearable. 

So, my opinion on things to do in Hong Kong. Enjoy! 

1. Stay at Causeway Bay
Personally, I would recommend to stay at Causeway Bay when you travel to HK. Causeway Bay is like Orchard of Spore. You can find along the streets major of food and fashion which open until late midnight. To mention some of the places to go: SOGO (11th storey building sells all branded things from Chanel to LV), Times Square shopping mall, Island Beverly mall sells average woman's outfit and the causeway bay shopping arcade next to the street behind SOGO.The first Forever 21 store in Hong Kong also located at Causeway Bay.
How to go there: Take MTR and stop at Causeway Bay station. Take exit D for Sogo, Island Beverly and the central of Causeway Bay. Take exit A for Times Square.   

2. Take a walk while waiting for sunset at Avenue of Stars
The place is famous for the HK stars hand imprints, a beautiful place to just sit and relax enjoying the beautiful scene of Victoria Harbour. This is a place I never missed out every time I went to Hong Kong. I just love sitting there looking at the ocean, especially at evening when the wind blows and you will be breath taking by the beautiful lights.
If you want, you can took a harbour cruise which cost you around HKD 400++ but you will get a buffet dinner and get to enjoy the scenery of beautiful HK, including the symphony of lights. Do check here for further details. 
How to go there: Take MTR and stop at East Tsim Sha Tsui exit J or take Star Ferry to Kowloon. 
3. Spend a day at Disneyland and Citygate outlet
Disneyland HK is definitely a place to go when you visit HK. For a girl, I would personally recommend you to stop by at Citygate outlet at Tung Chung first where you can find branded items such as Kate Spade, Coach, Burberry, Mango, etc in much cheaper price as they only sell the last season items. Tung Chung is quite far and only 1 station away from Disneyland, so do not waste time to go back there on the second day. Make it a one day trip together with Disneyland.
Disneyland ticket: HKD 399
How to go to Citygate outlet: Take MTR and stop at Tung Chung station exit C.
How to go to Disneyland: Take MTR and stop at Sunny Bay station and you will be transferred to private cute Disney MTR.
Useful link:

4. See the view of Hong Kong from the highest, The Peak. 
The Peak located 428 meters above sea, setting the place as the highest offering the stunning panoramic view across Hong Kong. Besides the view, Madame Tussauds located here as well. Take the peak tram to the peak and enjoy beautiful scenery and all the celebrities wax statue at Madame Tussauds. 
The peak tram return ticket is priced at HKD 40, but you should buy the peak tram+sky terrace ticket at HKD 65. Much cheaper than separate tickets. Madame Tussauds priced at $200. If I remember correctly when you purchase peak tram tickets, you will be offered with combination tickets of peak tram+sky terrace+madame tussauds which definitely cheaper, but I can't remember how much. 

5. Check out Hong Kong's street markets 
Hong Kong is famous for its street markets, from the famous ladies market, temple street night market to Stanley market and fa yuen street market. Most of the markets sell the same cheap low stuffs. Personally, I never found anything nice to buy here, but it's worth to go even just for wandering around. If you only have limited times and can't go to all, I suggest you choose ladies market as it is located at Mongkok near to the Argyle Centre, woman's clothes building. Also only a street away to all gadget stores.

6. Spend time to H&M 
This international brand is quite famous in Hong Kong, having 10 stores spread in Hong Kong, mostly at Kowloon area. In my opinion, it is way cheaper than H&M in Spore, especially during the sale season in June and December. Worth to check. :)
Check the store location at

7. Indulge yourself with a bowl of sinful pork ribs with veggie rice at Delicious Kitchen
My first time at Delicious Kitchen was years ago, I think around my elementary period. My dad's sister stays at Hong Kong, she was the one who introduced me to this very yummy, delicious dish. The place is not big, yet it is popular among tourist. The pork ribs were generous, deep fried paired with a bowl of vegetable rice. To me, this is a dish I'll always come back to.
How to go there:

8. Have a Chinese or dimsum at Chinese Jumbo Restaurant 
This restaurant is one of Hong Kong's Iconic place. An unique floating restaurant located at Arberdeen Harbour, makes the place a definite tourist attraction. Nowadays, they have do a major renovation to add inside a theme park, so tourist can spend time there to eat and to see the attractions. Check how to go there from here.

9. Have breakfast like locals, Dimsum or fast food chain
Hong Kong locals mostly have their breakfast in fast food chain such as Fairwood and Cafe de Coral, or they would go for dimsum. Unlike Jakarta, dimsum places in Hong Kong are always packed with locals no matter on weekdays or weekend. Fast food chains which spread all over HK mostly packed with people who wants to grab a bite before rushes to work. I never missed a dimsum moment everytime I went to HK, or to have a plate of Lomakai at Fairwood and Pork chop baked rice at Cafe de Coral.

10. Try Hong Kong's michelin stars restaurant  
Hong Kong is full with michelin stars restaurant, from one to three stars. Not everything is expensive though, the one star michelin restaurants mostly are still on budget. Check out the list on:

Of course, there are still many attractions in Hong Kong beside the 10 above. You can still go to Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360, Repulse Bay and many more tourist attractions. The list above only show some of my top 10 favorite things to do in Hong Kong. My personal recommendation, don't go by tour. Hong Kong is very easy to walk around, even for first timer. A week will be enough to visit Hong Kong.

Thank you for reading! :)


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Great post about Hong Kong! In addition to what you have mentioned above, do check out our post on the 21 Amazing Travel Experiences in Hong Kong!

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Like your reviews for Hong Kong.. I also went there last year but i did not find rude people there but some are everywhere..I loved the food there and enjoyed my everyday till i was there. Want to be there again but this time with family.

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