Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things To Do in Macau

Macau is definitely a must visit when you go to Hong Kong. Beside the fact it only took 60 - 75 minutes by ferry ride from Hong Kong, the city itself is so nice to spend a day or two. I know that Macau is famous for their casino, but it's not all about that only. If you are not into casino, like me, there are still plenty of things can be done in Macau. Personally, these are my suggestions on things to do in Macau:

1. Go to the famous Ruins of St. Paul 
Considered as Macau's most famous landmark, Ruins of St. Paul is a definite tourist attractions. It was located in Senado Square, so just walk around Senado while do some shopping along the way to Ruins St. Paul where you should definitely take some pictures here. Know more about St.Paul here.

2. Walk around Senado Square
This place is my favorite and must go when I visit Macau. Filled with major of stores and lots of food. Here you can find more than one Bossini, Giordano, Sasa's outlet which always have discount. Also the famous Koi Kei Bakery. Along the alley to St. Paul, you will find a lot of shop attendants offering free food taster, from seaweed biscuit to pork or beef jerky.

3. Eat the famous egg tart
Even though you can find Portuguese egg tart in all over Macau, but the most famous two definitely are Margaret's Cafe e Nata and Lord Stow's Bakery. I never try Margaret's as the first time I went to Lord Stow's, I was hooked with its scrumptious egg tart and since then, I never bother to try others although I do believe that Margaret's also taste delicious. I think personally for me is because Lord Stow's location is better, they have a branch at the Venetian resort so it is very easy to find.
Useful link: 
I can't find Margaret's Cafe website, so this is the address:
Gum Loi Building, Rua Almirante, Macau City
Ph. +853 28710032
Opening hours: 6.30am - 8pm, closed on Wednesday.   

4. Go to Tai Lei Loi Kei for the famous Pork Chop Bun
Another must try HK's signature dish is the pork chop bun and one of the famous place who sells it is Tai Lei Loi Kei located not far from The Venetian. I know about this place quite long ago but only until recent holiday, I finally went there and tried it. I will post about the details in my next post, but trust me when I say it is very worth to try.
Address: 18, Largo Governador Tamagnigi Barbosa (on the corner of rua do regedor & rua corela de silva)
Opening hours: 8.30am - 6pm, but pork chop bun only available 2pm onwards. Closed on Wednesday.
Read further about the place here. 

5. Stay at The Venetian Macau hotel 
Macau is filled with hundreds of beautiful grand five stars hotel from MGM, Wynn, Lisboa, Galaxy, Venetian, and so on. Why I recommend to stay at Venetian? Because it is the only two hotels in Macau which connected with shopping malls and casino. It's like all in entertainment. You can shop & eat in the mall, try some luck at casino, when you feel tired, just go upstairs and rest in their beautiful suite. No kidding when I say it is gorgeous. The price rate is a bit steep, but it's worth every single Rupiah. The Galaxy also have shopping malls and casino, but after comparison I like Venetian better. The mall at Venetian are bigger and more complete. Even if you're not staying here, spend a day at Venetian's shopping mall will be a highlight.
How to go there: Most hotels will have shuttle bus to Venetian, or take a shuttle from Ferry terminal.

6. Spend some money at Koi Kei Bakery
Macau's famous souvenir is all the delicacies from Koi Kei Bakery, from their selections of biscuits and their pork or beef jerky. Their sales is impressive, during my visit several times in Macau, never once I saw an empty store, it is always packed with customers and they will always walk out with so many big plastic bags in their hands. Koi Kei spreads in Macau City but the easiest location would be at Senado Square, The Venetian and Galaxy Macau. If you going to HK after Macau then just buy at HK, they also have a branch at Causeway Bay.
Their specialties: Meat jerky, egg rolls, egg tart, seaweed biscuits. 

7. Visit Macau Fisherman Wharf, City of Dreams and Macau Tower
Macau Fisherman's Wharf is one of Macau's attraction. Located very close with Macau's ferry terminal, the place has shops, diner, amusement centre and casino. Personally, I prefer to go to City of Dreams as the shops and choices of food are much more than Fisherman's. Branded items like Burberry and Gucci also available here. 
Macau tower is a good place for tourist to see the whole view of Macau's city. Dine in Macau's highest revolving buffet restaurant to enjoy the food while watching the beautiful view of macau. People with high adrenaline rush can do some outdoor adventure such as bungy jumping or sky jump.

8. Go to A-Ma Temple and lunch at the nearby Portuguese restaurant
A-Ma Temple is one of the oldest and most famous temple in Macau. Locals and tourist (Buddhist religion) often put A-Ma temple as a place must go, mostly for pray although some also like to go there to admire the view. You can go to A-Ma temple from Senado Square by bus no.10. Take some time to try one of the Portuguese restaurants near the area such as A Lorcha, Litoral, Solmar well known for their signature dishes, African chicken. 

See? Macau has plenty of things to do beside trying your luck in the casino. With the convenient ferry, people who go to HK should really put some time to visit Macau for a day or two. Get to love their amazing hotels, delicious egg tarts and so many things Macau can offer. :)


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Hi, would like to ask if Macau is suitable for older people (around 60yo)? We don't mind going at a slow pace but wondering if very streneous for them to visit the places of interes and go around for food