Saturday, August 22, 2015


It feels like ages since I wrote my last post on the blog. I've been crazy busy and honestly at the moment I am focusing more on something very much worthy for my future. *finger crossed*

Before I go on, I would like to express my full gratitude to everyone who still visits this blog regularly not to mention, those who took the time to write me emails asking if I'm okay since I've been absent for quite a while. I am touched!!! Thank you!

Now, reviewing time! 

Just yesterday I finally met my bestie after not seeing her for a month. We went for a casual lunch at the newest bistro at Elang Laut PIK. Rumors is the rent fee at the popular ruko at Cordoba and Crown area is crazily expensive nowadays that restaurant entrepreneurs start to look for other more "cost reasonably" location. That explains how Elang Laut is evolving lately with the opening of quite a few new kids on the block, including the latest one, Uncle Tjhin Bistro.

Located not too far from the pioneer of Elang Laut, Pappa Jack Kopitiam, the bistro is much more comfier and prettier inside than the exterior itself. I didn't take many pictures of the interior as I forgot to charge my camera's battery. They have two storey (I think the upstairs is smoking area). 

My take on them is Kopitiam price with cafe ambiance-ish. The menu is so affordable with highest price at only 70k! Serving light breakfast and all day Asian and western food like mie tek tek, oxtail soup, steaks and salad. The snacks to mention some such as fried banana, fried cassava and onion rings start from only 15k! What a bargain! 

We ordered a plate of fried banana (15k) to start and it was delightful. Seriously for 15k, I have no complaint. It was lightly battered, crisp with soft and sweet banana. 

Our mains, Salmon steak with hollandaise sauce (59k) and Sirloin steak with mushroom sauce (68k) were not awesomely great but came as quite a treat, again for such price. My salmon was well cooked with smooth mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. While bestie's sirloin might be a bit overcooked with disappointing fries that looked and tasted like frozen supermarket one, we still find it quite decent considering the flavor was just right.

I personally feel Uncle Tjhin Bistro is worth the try. Where else can you spend less yet comes with decent food and comfy ambiance around PIK neighborhood?

Until then, readers! As always, thank you for reading!

Price range: 15k - 70k
IG: @uncletjhin

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