Friday, August 28, 2015


Professionals working around the neighborhood must have been thrilled with the opening of Good Hood. Without doubt, the place brings fresh atmosphere  with its cozy and comfy coffee shop that looks petite from the outside but turns out to be quite spacious in the inside. 

I was furniture hunting with bestie right next to Good Hood so we, well I decided to drop a visit. The place is pretty even though it has the same trending hanging light bulb that seems to be used at every new cafes nowadays. I am loving all the wood applications and details. The spot with hanging light bulbs dropping from the high ceiling is my favorite among all. Aside from the natural wood color, they apply yellow to add some brightness. I always feel besides white, yellow is the perfect color to match with wood, don't you think?

The place has two storey, both upstairs and downstairs were uniquely decorated. Kudos to the owner who pays attention to details. 

Since we both don't do coffee, we made it an afternoon tea break in a coffee shop. We had Peppermint tea (19k) and Lychee iced tea (25k) along with some savory snacks. They also have all day breakfast menu and couple of pastas on the list, but we settled only for their Mushroom fritters (25k) and Flavor chips (20k)

Hardly none could go wrong with fried things, but I feel the mushrooms were too tiny hence the flour was overpowering. The flavor chips are wedges type, good one, nicely fried, not oily and seasoned with chilli flakes. Cheese and curry toppings are available for options. 

If I do happen to be in the neighborhood, I don't see any reason for not coming back. It's a good comfy place for coffee or in my case, tea break. 

Thank you for reading! 

Dipo Business Centre Rukan A1 
(Next to JDC and Dipo Tower)
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 51 - 52 
Ph. +6221 22530555
Open from 7am. Closed on Sun. 
IG: @goodhood_jkt

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