Monday, August 31, 2015


Cassis has always have a place in our hearts. We celebrated two of our anniversaries here. Two good memories. When they recently changing their concept from fine dining to  more of a casual dining with friendlier price list, we, of course need to pay a visit. 

They changed their total exterior into a chic monochrome color, added a relaxing outdoor lounge with comfy couches meant for smoking area, while they keep the inside to remain the same. The same lighting and table setting, only minus the fresh flowers. Budget cutting, I assumed since the price range was cut into almost half of their previous one. 

The price list is indeed more pocket friendly though it still categorized into medium up. I would say a full meal set from appetizer up to dessert will cost you around 600 - 800k for two pax depending on your chosen menu. 

I love how even they are switching to more casual bistro, they still kept their Cassis elegance style from the table setting, the A class service and the complimentary starter. After they served us the complimentary warm bread, they brought us a glass of guava sorbet which was refreshingly good. 

Moving on to main course, I went with their Crisp pork belly (185k) and it was really good! The meat might be a bit overcooked, just a tad, but that crackling skin was simply amazing. It was so crisp, so good! Underneath came with chorizo and white bean ragout cooked with fresh herbs. I feel it complimented the dish beautifully. My only complain is the pork still has some left over pork smells. Other than that, it was a great dish.

Hubs had Fish n Chips (200k) and it was as good as the pork belly. They use grouper fish with beer batter keep it so crisp and crunchy, and it was huge! Came in three big slices with fries that seasoned well. Even before we finished our food, we both know that we'll soon be coming back to this place. 

Luckily we skipped ordering dessert as they surprised us with complimentary giant cotton candy. So pampered! Cotton candy has always been my favorite childhood snack and I loved theirs till the last bite. 

In both our opinion, we think they are making the right decision on changing the whole menu and price to be more casual, yet still keeping the ambiance and service to be classy and elegance as always. Fine dining ambiance without ripping up your pocket? Head over to Cassis Kitchen. 

As always, Thank you so much for reading! 

Pavilion Apartment 
Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 24 
Ph. +6221 57941500
Price range: 70k - 400k 
IG: @cassiskitchen

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tenny wiyono said...

Thank you for your review! Been there about a year ago when they still take on the old concept. Do they still have the souffle on dessert menu?