Monday, September 7, 2015

Ivy's Thought: Sometimes Change Is Good


I admit, I don't like changes. It scares me. I like everything just the way as it always be. I'm so scare of changes that I avoided it even when I know it was a good kind of change.

We normally get our house cleaned by the help of outsource maid, she will come early in the morning, do her cleaning and go home. I'm used to it. It went on for almost five years. 

Recently, Hubs and I moved to our new home and Mom insisted us to hire an in-house help, a stay-in maid. I reluctantly disagreed. As I said, I don't like changes, even as simple as this case. I always felt with only the two of us, a stay-in maid isn't necessary, in fact for me, I took it as a burden. With having stay-in maid, I have to always make sure to go buy groceries so she'll have something to eat, I tend to get worry everytime I left the house, and with Hubs and I are so used to live just us two, I'm just not into the idea of having one stranger in the house, even if that stranger is the help. I told you, I hate changes. 

Two weeks of adapting into the new change...
I begin liking this new situation.

I begin to like how I woke up in the morning and the house is already clean.

I begin to like how I don't have to do the dishes after I cooked for lunch and dinner.

I begin to like how our house is always tidy without having my self to clean it.

I begin to appreciate her. 

And I begin to acknowledge, sometimes change is good. Don't you think?

Stay with me. 

Until next thoughts,


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