Monday, September 14, 2015



Let me start my writings by sharing two of my September's highlight so far. First, Auntie's Anne will open an outlet at Emporium Pluit Mall, so close to where I stay which means I'll be seeing my all time favorite cinnamon pretzel more often. Yay! 

Second highlight is, I'm leaving for Dubai tomorrow. Double yay! Ever since our stupid decision of not transit in Dubai few years ago during our honeymoon, I have been waiting for the chance to visit the city which comes with many "est", tallest building, biggest shopping mall, one of priciest hotel and many more "est". The only thing that makes me not 100% excited is probably because I'll be away from Hubs for few days ahead. I hate being away from him. Yes, I am that romantically foolish. 
On the other hand, I am psyched to join this trip along with some of Indonesia's food bloggers and foodies. It's going to be four days full of double F's. Fun and Food. Stay tune! Do follow my instagram @ivys_life for quicker updates.

Okay now back to topic, I'm glad that Emporium Pluit is shifting to quite a few new F&B tenants, and one of them is this newly opened udon restaurant, Tamoya. Franchised from Japan with branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and now Indonesia, Tamoya was established in 1996 by udon champion, Chef Tamotsu Kurokawa. If you want to know more background details, you can go to this link as I'm going to focus on my point of view only. 

People might be more familiar with Marugame Udon and honestly they share almost the same menu, presentation and serving standard, though at the moment, I think Tamoya is slightly wider on the menu options. Basically its a self service restaurant focusing on udon and donburi with various of side dishes. For the udon itself, all comes with same type of broth, just different toppings will generates different taste of broth, example if you go with the spicy chicken toppings, the red sauce from the chicken mixed with the broth will create spicy and oily kind of broth. If you go with the teriyaki chicken toppings, no doubt the sweet teriyaki sauce will make the broth a bit sweet teriyaki like. If you like your broth original plain, choose the Kake or Niku udon.


As I mentioned earlier, this kind of toppings will definitely turns your broth into red, spicy and a bit oily. Still good though, I love the chewy bouncy noodle texture and the chicken was just so tender with enough seasoning on the flavor. But personally I prefer my broth to be not that oily, so I'll go for Niku or Kake udon next time. 

For people who adore fried stuffs, my recommendation would be go for Kake udon (plain udon with no toppings) and chose the toppings from the variety of side dish they have, all fried! They have prawn tempura, mushroom, chicken karage and many more ranging from 10k - 20k.


My take on this place is it really does serves great udon. The noodle texture is just unbelievably good! As a soupy lover person, I am happy welcoming them in town. I'm sorry for the short orders though, as I was dining alone so I can't order too many. Tune in to my instagram though, I'm sure I'll dine here again and will definitely do the instagram post.

Thank you so much for reading! 

Mall Emporium Pluit Ground Flr 
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya
North Jakarta
IG: @tamoya_indonesia 
Price range: 35k - 55k 


rolanfr frandana said...

Maaf km msh inget gak kyushu men yang di mangga besar 1,kira2 thn 2012

Ivy said...

Sori aku ga tau mereka pindah kmn.