Thursday, September 24, 2015


Texas road house was established in 1993 and famous for its steaks and ribs. Now with over 450 outlets, they have been named the number one steakhouse in America and was recognized as one of the nation’s best companies by Forbes magazine. 

My first impression when I stepped inside the restaurant was that it’s so Texas look a like with a bit of the cowboy theme and the brown wood concept. I wouldn’t say the overall decor is my favorite, but I do feel it goes well with the concept and the type of restaurant they are, which is a place where you can be casually dressed, worry free, enjoy the food and go home with satisfied tummy.

The service was flawless, friendly and attentive but seeing how the restaurant is so big and crowded, I still feel that it’s important for them to have like a button call on each tables to ease the trouble when we need some help from the servers. 

I personally feel Texas Road House will be easily accepted in Indonesia market as the menu itself is our kind of food. Steaks, ribs, burgers, who doesn’t like that? I know that there are some similar franchised restaurants in Jakarta that have gained a lot of trust in Indonesia’s market, but Texas Road House has quite a different unique menu that I have never find in other similar places. 

Fried Pickles (19 Dirham)
A heaping basket of pickle chips hand battered and lighly fried. Served with ranch dressing. 

This is one of the unique menu I mentioned before. If you are a beer person, this one is a perfect starter to go with beer. But even as someone like me that don’t drink beer, I still very much enjoyed it. It’s crispy with slightly salty that paired well with the ranch dressing dipping. 

Chicken Tortilla Soup (21 Dirham)
A rich chicken broth with onions, peppers, fresh chicken and topped with cheddar cheese and crispy tortilla strips.

Okay my picture is so ugly that it doesn't bring any justice to it but seriously the taste so so good! My favorite dish of the night. It puzzles me how something as simple as soup can taste so good and rich. It’s fresh with a hint of sourness and that crunchy tortilla strips. 

Grilled Shrimp (Single Skewer) 34 Dirham
Skewer of shrimp, seasoned to perfection and drizzled with our garlic lemon pepper butter. 

The shrimps were so crunchy and fresh, slightly salty but overall I liked it. The garlic pepper lemon butter surely enhanced the flavor.

Bone In Rib Eye (179 Dirham)
A 565gr cut of our most flavorful steak. 

The rib eye was the bomb. So tender that my knife just cuts it like butter, and it melts in mouth type of tenderness. We asked for medium well and they did it well. Great grilling techniques.  It comes with two side dishes, and the variety of the side dishes was excellent. Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, honey glazed carrots, grilled corn, creamy potato soup, coleslaw, Caesar salad. Oh, and we can ask for an optional sauteed mushrooms and onions.

New York Strip (120 Dirham)

They seriously have great grilling techniques. The New York strip was as good as the Bone in rib eye, super tender steak that just melts in your mouth. I loved the chunky sauteed mushroom! The flavors were spot on, it was a great steak.  

Steak Kebab (77 Dirham)
Marinated steak with onion, mushroom, tomato, red pepper and green pepper. Served on a bed of seasoned rice with choice of one side dish. 

My least favorite. I feel the dish not works in terms of texture and flavors. It was under flavored and the meat itself was dry. The only hero was the seasoned rice. 

Jalapeno Burger (55k)
Fried Jalapeno and spicy mayo on 225 gr fresh ground burger with lettuce, tomato and onion. 

Though I really don’t like having a gourmet burger where I need to use fork and knife, I would have to say aside from that, I liked this one quite much. The patty was not mushy which is very important and the Jalapeno gives a heat twist into the overall flavor.

Big Ol' Brownie (28 Dirham)
A warm baked brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce. 

The classic pairing. Brownies always pairs well with ice cream and I liked how their brownies was moist and not overly sweet, it even has some bitterness in it that goes well with the sweet vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. A good ending to great dinner.

Personally, I had great time at Texas Road House. I could really see myself coming back for their succulent steaks and that deliciously yum tortilla chicken soup.

Thank you for reading!

Texas Road House
Dubai Mall LG level 
(Near Fountain)
Ph. 04 - 4190266

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