Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I don't eat many Greek food but ever since I went to Yamas at Prapanca near Kemang (which was around 1.5 years ago but forgot to blog it), I have better appreciation when it comes to Greek cuisine.

I met Gyros Alley by coincidence. Hubs and I were on our way to Mama Goose when we passed by this petite blue doors cafe which located only few doors away. After our lunch with several friends at Mama Goose, we went straight to Gyros Alley. We were full but seeing how they are located only few steps away, I insisted to go in.

I like the exterior more than the inside. It's quirky rather than the sort of dark and gloomy interior they have. Plus I always since forever has a thing for Navy blue, so the door itself has let me an instant crush.

There's nothing much to say on the interior. Downstairs is better than the upstairs. At least they have some effort to decorate the downstairs with some blue china, but I do feel the damp light makes the place more cramped and uncomfortable.

We went for both of their specialties, the Gyros platter (58k) and Gyros Souvlaki (55k). All comes with choices of lamb, chicken and falafel (fritters balls of chickpeas). We opted chicken for both. 

Despite of the quite thick skin, I would say the souvlaki was very good. It was filled with generous filling, fresh veggies with slices of grilled chicken. The seasoning was just right, the mayo wasn't overpowering the overall flavors. 

The platter, you need to eat it as a whole to bring out all the flavor into one, not individually. I would again say the mayo was really good, light with right seasoning, a perfect pair for the whole plate. The pita bread too bad was a bit too thick. 

Overall, if you are around the neighborhood and in the mood for some Greek food, Gyros Alley could be a good option. 

Thank you for reading! 

Gyros Alley
Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 8
South Jakarta 
Ph. +6221 7269877
IG: @gyros_alley
Price range: 22k - 135k

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