Monday, September 28, 2015


It's been a while since the last opening of new restaurant around Senopati. If you pay close attention, almost all restaurants and cafes opening at the neighborhood comes with similarities as in nicely designed interior with great ambiance, and social media buzzing. Normally when it comes to newbies at Senopati, we will heard buzzing about them even way before they open. This particular one is so quiet and humble that it doesn't feel Senopati-ish. 

I accidentally passing through Kanawa when I was driving to Crematology which located just next to them. I haven't once stepped foot inside Crematology so when I was meeting a friend last week around the area, I thought we give them a try, alternately the plan changed when we decided to try the new one instead. 

Most of the time I could feel if the place would worth my second visit or not, but honestly with Kanawa, I couldn't tell. Ambiance wise, not my kind of place. If you've been to 1/15 Coffee, you will notice some similar vibes between these two, though in many ways, 1/15 did it so much better. I couldn't really understand what is the purpose of having a big motorbike in front of the coffee counter, it's like the place was so empty and they just throw in a motorbike inside the room to spice some things up but doesn't really work with the minimalist vibes. 

For the mural itself, I think they are trying to explain on how is the process of coffee brewing and how coffee affects the work of brain as I see huge painting of what brain supposed to look like. Again, not my kind of mural. 

Function room can be rented for working space. 

The reason why they are named Kanawa coffee & munch is because they not only serve coffee, I saw some breakfast and lunch menu along with several options of cakes. 

Caramel Latte (37k)
As you loyal readers know, I don't do coffee. This was my friend's but stupidly I forgot to ask her on the taste. Put it this way, in this blog you're not going to find any coffee and dairy reviews. =)

Carrot Cake (30k) and Banana Bread (28k)
Both came in modest presentations. The carrot cake was not bad, moist with a light cream cheese icing on the top and chopped walnuts inside. As for the banana bread, I always have a thing for banana bread that comes with chopped nuts, some bakers will put raisins or even chocolate chips. Their version was plain, and it was okay as an original banana bread was supposed to be plain, the thing is, theirs was quite dry and lack of those banana flavors. I simply feel if they only rely on the cakes, they need to do some improvements. 

Seared Beef (95k)
Okay, this is the only thing that doubted me on whether I'll be coming back or not. From the coffee, cakes and the place itself, I would probably say no. But I loved their seared beef, like really. It's not a common thing to find steak served inside a coffee shop, let along a good one but I genuinely liked their seared beef. Despite I asked for it to be well done which could tend to be dry, it was surprisingly very tender and moist. Seasoned with rosemary and sage, the slicing pan seared beef was served on top of a well cooked mashes potatoes. I always prefer my mashed potatoes to be lumpy instead of smooth, and theirs was lumpy but not grained.

If they can really maintain the consistency, this dish could easily be their strongest menu despite how weird it is to find steak in coffee shop. 

Best of luck, Kanawa! Thank you for reading peeps. :)

Jl. Suryo No. 23
Senopati, South Jakarta
(Next to Crematology)
Opening hours:
Mon - Thu: 9am - 10pm
Fri - Sat: 9am - 12Mid
Sun: 7am - 10pm


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