Monday, September 21, 2015


Aside for pizza, what is Italy famous for? Gelato, Yes! When I went to Italy, I literally had gelato every single day as their gelato texture is creamy but light tasted, plus most of them use only real fruits without any coloring. 

This is going to be a very short post, I bumped into Grom gelato when I was strolling around Pacific Place earlier today. Apparently, Grom gelato is huge in Italy. With over than 70 outlets in Italy itself and outlets in New York, Dubai and Japan, Grom now serving their first Jakarta's outlet.

What specials from their gelato is that it contains only 9% fat while others normally around 14%. Aside from that, they don't use any preservatives nor coloring, 100% real fruits and all the ingredients are imported. 

I tried their Lemon and Mango sorbet in cups and it was so good! Sourly refreshing. The smallest cups (2 flavors) priced at 48k which I think is very reasonable seeing how premium the ingredients are. The sorbet itself contains nothing except the real fruit itself, ice and a pinch of sugar. Both gelato and sorbet are served in either cups or cone with pricing from 48k to 85k. They also have affogato, granita and chocolato.

I have always prefer sorbet rather than gelato due to its sourness and light texture, but I'll be surely coming back to try some of their gelato as well. Best of luck, Grom!

Thank you for reading! 

Grom Gelato
Pacific Place Mall 1st Flr #70-72
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta
IG. @grom_indo


Cathleen Purwana said...

It was nice to accidentally meet you too! Thank you for writing a short but nicely piece. Hope to see you at Grom again with your nice Fuji camera! 😊

Ivy said...

Like wise! :) I'll be coming for my second cup of Grom very very soon.