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I always feel a good first impression is very important, and I was easily impressed with PF Chang's. From the grand building with awesome view to Jumeirah beach, right until the high ceiling with modern lamps hanging down from the ceiling. Gorgeous!

PF Chang's was founded in 1993 by its two founders, Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang. That explains where the name comes from. The restaurant focuses itself in bringing Chinese menu with a modern twist, a fusion of American and Chinese cuisine.

They have several locations in Dubai but we went to the one at Jumeirah Beach Resort. The views are amazing, their balcony is front facing the beautiful Jumeirah beach, such a perfect spot to watch sunset.

A delicious combination of chicken and other traditional ingredients prepared in the wok. Served with fresh iceberg lettuce wraps.

They claimed that this is their most popular appetizer, always copied but never equaled. Sounds cocky as first, but you'd agree with them after you have that first bite. It was very good! Fresh from the lettuce combine with tangy flavored chicken and drenched with their three mixes of sauces, I like the hot mustard one the best.

Chang's Chicken Noodle Soup (39 Dirhams)
Classic fresh shitake mushrooms, tomatoes and cilantro in spicy chicken broth.

You know I'm a soupy lover person and this soup was heartwarming good. The cilantro certainly put a strong nice herbs kind of smells, a bit spicy, a bit sour with a very soothing finishing. Very recommended dish.

Peanut Lime Chicken Salad (46 Dirhams)
A light and refreshing salad with carrots, cucumber, ginger, and cabbage coleslaw. Tossed in a peanut lime dressing then finished with fresh cilantro and crushed peanuts.

It's not a common thing to meet a salad with peanut lime sauce so I really do like this one. It's light, sourly fresh with that crunches from the fried egg noodles they put on the toppings. 

Shrimp Dumplings (35 Dirhams)
Hand wrapped each day, drizzled in chili mash for a kick that is irresistible. Can be ordered steamed or pan fried.

I have this hate and love feeling towards the dumplings. I loved the shrimp filling that was beautifully flavored but I didn't like the skin dumpling. I felt it was a bit too thick.

Ahi Crisp (45 Dirhams)
Diced Ahi tuna tossed in a spicy sriracha sauce, served over fresh avocado on a crisp wonton wafer. 

It's like they have the best range of starters since I liked almost every single one, including this Ahi crisp. It was refreshing and appetizing with the nicely seasoned of Ahi tuna where it has this hint of spiciness that well paired with the fresh avocado and the crispy wonton wafers. A beautiful light snack.  

Dynamite Shrimp (47 Dirhams)
A cup of flavorful battered shrimp with an explosive spicy sauce.

It's said that this is the true favorite among customers at PF Chang's. I saw almost all tables ordered this one so we give it a try and loving it. The shrimp was perfectly battered covered in their special spicy sauce. Crunchy with enough thickness of batter. Just perfect.

Orange Peel Beef (69 Dirhams)
Thin slices of beef cooked with orange peels.

I didn't really like this one probably because I felt the beef was sliced too thin, though according to them it was meant to be in thin slices to achieve that kind of crunchy crispy beef. The overall flavor, though they peel the orange one by one in preparing this dish, I didn't really feel the zesty orange among the flavors.

Mongolian Beef (71 Dirhams)
Traditional recipe from the Mongolian region of China is prepared with thin slices of caramelized beef in a very balanced sauce and tossed with scallions.

This, I love. The beef wasn't sliced as thin as the orange peel beef so I can still feel the tenderness, and the flavor was just spot on. The caramel with the fresh scallions make it tasted so good.

Chang's Asian Short Ribs (125 Dirhams)
Giant beef ribs covered in a sweet and savory Asian BBQ sauce paired with a refreshing cucumber and carrot salad.

This is the best! The ribs were so tender like oh my God. My knife just cuts right through the meat and it felt like melted in my mouth. The sauce was very tangy, I simply love this one.

Hot Fish (78 Dirhams)
Crispy slices of fresh daily selection fish in a Sichuan sauce with stir fried vegetables. 

I like this dish simply because of the heat from the Sichuan sauce. Blends well with the crisp fried fish and nicely cooked stir fry veggies.

Oolong Marinated Sea Bass (134 Dirhams)
Filet of sea bass marinated in steeped oolong tea and ginger, then served on a bed of wok tossed spinach.

So so good! Besides salmon, my favorite fish has always been sea bass and I loved theirs. It was so unique that it was marinated in Oolong tea and ginger, created this fresh herbs flavors along with flavor cooked spinach. No wonder it's one of their best dish. 

VIP Duck (85 Dirhams)
Breast and leg of duck, steamed and then finished on the grill to get the tenderness. Accompanied with cucumbers drizzled with sesame vinaigrette and julienned scallions.

Okay, I am urging everyone who will be dining at PF Chang's to must order this VIP duck. It was my favorite of the night. So incredibly good! I have never had such tender duck meat before. The duck was imported from Canada which said that Canada's duck has more fat compare to others, and those fats just make the meat so moist, juicy and tender. You can choose to wrap it inside the pita bread. Delicious!

Orange Peel Shrimp (78 Dirhams)
Tossed with hot chillies and fresh orange.

Unlike the beef, I can really taste the orange zesty on this one. The shrimp was coated and fried, crunchy with zesty orange and chilli. 

P.F. Chang's Fried Rice (44 Dirhams)
Wok fried rice blended with egg, soy and slices of scallions.

A heartwarming fried rice that could never get wrong. 
Kung Pao Chicken (57 Dirhams)
Classic Chinese dish from Sichuan and Hunan regions with their own twist. A perfect combination of diced chicken breast with chili pods and peanuts in Chang's own Kung Pao sauce.

Tender chicken nicely cooked in a sweet spicy Kung Pao sauce. A good dish but with all the other tasty dishes I've had, this one was pretty easily forgotten.

Seared Ahi with Chilli Lime (78 Dirhams)
Soy marinated Ahi tuna and seared it to medium rare. Served with fresh green beans and baby arugula, tossed in a chili lime dressing. It comes with a side of refreshing wasabi guacamole.

I feel like I might have bias opinion towards this dish as I have always love anything with arugula. Their medium rare Ahi Tuna for me was so good, it was marinated with soy, a bit bland but when we dipped it with the wasabi guacamole and topped it with the arugula, it brings out a bold flavor into it.

It's not easy to relate on the pricing in Dubai, I'm not sure if it's because of our currency exchange, but everything in Dubai feel, taste and breathe expensive. Left out the pricing itself, I really do enjoy my time at PF Chang's. The food was great and it's nothing like a common Chinese restaurant back at home, it's more like a fusion Asian in a casual chic bistro with nice food presentation and excellent ambiance.

As always, Thank you for reading!

** 1 Dirham = Rp. 3.950 as per September 2015

Jumeirah Beach Resort
Al Sufouh Rd, Dubai Marina
Dubai, United Emirates Arab
Ph. 04-4190671

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