Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Puri area has always been a place I rarely visit as I never think there's any attractive things drawing me there, but ever since new restaurants have been opening inside the new shopping mall, St. Moritz, I begin to see some reasons to go here, especially since the premiere XXI (in my opinion) is one with the best seats after Plaza Senayan's and Baywalk Pluit's.

I have always wondered on why have not others cafe join the crowd to open along the shops beside The Fctry and Trattoria. And now comes Papajo, a newly opened eatery just next to The Fctry with their humble homemade dishes and affordable price range.

When you walked inside Papajo, there's a certain feeling of homey-ish on the whole ambiance. Probably the white tiles and the open kitchen that somehow just remind you of your own kitchen back home.

Judging from the menu, I would say they are more into Asian dining with a bit of Western twist. I liked how they paid extra attention on the small things that some places just don't, like the uber cute place mats, coasters and menu.

We ordered the Garlic mushrooms fritters (28k) for starters and it was good. Deep fried, crisp and not oily with two dipping sauce, mayo and chilli. Loving the presentation.

The Crispy pork loin over butter rice (52k) was delicious! The butter rice was moist and fragrant while the pork loin was crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. It was a really enjoyable dish and I so wish they will be consistent on how it was cooked as the pork loin was just yum! Not oily, not dry, so tenderly crisp.

Unfortunately the Chicken laksa noodle (48k) wasn't that enjoyable. First, the noodle was overcooked that it becomes to soft, then the broth itself was oily and tasted more like curry than laksa.

Overall I feel that Papajo has a good potential if they can keep up the consistency. Looking forward to see other new eateries popping up in this area. 

As always, Thank you for reading!

Lippo Mall Puri (St. Moritz) Ground Flr No. 97
Next to The Fctry
West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 22582724

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Hayfa Quamila said...

liat reviewnya di bbrp web, katanya tmpt ini ok. kmrn nyempetin lunch bareng suami disini.. 1. kita order mknan.. prosedur taking order was fine.. sampai datang lah pesenen minuman kita which is hot tea & ice lychee tea. mba waitress yg agak kurang ramah ini cuma naro minuman gt aja tanpa confirm tanpa senyum, dan tanpa nambahin sugar on the side sampai diminta. 2. kita order mknan itu crispy chicken wings, pork crispy & meatball pasta. somehow smua maincourse datang dluan. dari mknan suami, all good. tp saya dpt bonus dari pasta saya yaitu sepucuk rambut. setengah makan saya tanya chicken wings saya, dan mba waitress nya cuma jawab "iya, belum" tanpa nanya lagi or follow up ke kitchennya. hampir maincourse nya abis, appetizer nya baru sampai. selesai makan, saya minta bill dan saya sampaikan kalo ada rambut d makanan saya, LAGI, mba waitress nya cuma bilang "oh, ada rambut ya mba?" tanpa basa basi minta maaf or apapun itu, langsung proses payment saya dan bilang "terima kasih mba" well.. papajo have a good food but NOT A GREAT SERVICE.