Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The trending dessert at the moment? Cotton Candy, without doubt! It's like you'll find a revamped version of this childhood snack everywhere right now, especially at hipster cafe. I don't mind though as cotton candy is my ultimate childhood snack and from time to time when I do get bumped into it, I would always get one. Before the cotton candy trend, normally I would only find them during traditional food festival, so happy that now it's easily can be found at any happening dessert stores. 

We were on our way to Kemang Village when we passed by Snow It. Apparently, they only serve dessert with mostly Bingsoo (Korean shaved iced dessert) and Honey toast bread. This will be a short post since we only had one dessert and one drink. 

The owner is Korean but I don't think Snow It is franchised from Korea. The interior, following the name and type of dessert they served is designed in all white with some snowman characters. We tried the one with cutest look, their Snow Bingsoo (58k). It was a shaved iced dessert with cotton candy shaped and colored like a cloud. The shaved iced wasn't comes with any flavor, so it was just plain with milk on the bottom. I think it's to adjust with the sweetness from the cotton candy. Since we ordered their Iced Latte too, we poured some into the shaved iced to make it a bit coffee-ish and it kinda balanced well with the sweetness. 

Judging from the cotton candy only, I would say theirs has the best texture so far, the shape remains and didn't easily go flat like others I've tried. But I do think they need to expand their menu for wider selections since I only see Bingsoo and honey toast in it. 

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 69F
South Jakarta
Ph. +622129704981
(Across KOI Kemang)

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