Tuesday, October 6, 2015


It was couple weeks ago when I was just coming back from Dubai and after fed with Western (yes, not middle east) food, I missed Indomie so so much. So many instant noodles brands, yet I still feel Indonesia's very own Indomie goreng is still the best one.

Since we don't normally stash instant noodles in our house and having to buy one and cook ourself was too tiring at that moment, I chose to drag Hubs to the trending street stall at Muara Karang, Ropang Plus Plus. 

Open from 7pm to late night, Ropang Plus Plus truly is a hero for midnight hungers. Serving only easy, cheap yet countable food as instant noodle & roti panggang (baked breads) with toppings, the pricing starts from 9-28k. Happiness are simple! 

What I like from their Indomie goreng version is after cooked the usual way, they sauteed it so it tasted like the good old mie tek tek. So humbly good! Comes with various toppings to choose from eggs, corned beef, sausage, cheese and tuna. 

I completed my sin with a glass (or should I say jar?) of Milo Dinosaurus. My forever favorite childhood drink, I liked how theirs is quite thick and not that diluted. My least favorite would probably the toast bread. We chose the one with corned beef, and I don't really feel corned beef suits as bread toppings, or at least for my palate. Next time I visit here, I think I'll stick to the good old nutella topping. 

The bottom line is, I am thankful Ropang Plus Plus opens nearby where I live because in the end, healthy or unhealthy, we occasionally need the dose of MSG. Right?

MSG junkie signing off. Thank you for reading!

Ropang Plus Plus
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No. 107
(Across Sun Merry Bakery)
North Jakarta
IG: @ropangplusplus

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