Sunday, October 11, 2015


Reminiscing those days when my Singapore trip was never complete before having a bowl of deliciously soothing pork bone soup at Founder Bak Kut Teh. Singapore is filled with plenty bak kut teh, but theirs have always suits my palate more. 

Since bak kut teh attacks here in our J-town pioneered by Song Fa, the excitement over bak kut teh might not as high as previously, but still I was happy to find Founder Bak Kut Teh opens here in Mall Puri Indah. It's a bit odd to me on why they not pick their location at the new Lippo Mall Puri, but their spot which located inside Mall Puri Indah near XXI turns to be a strategic spot. The restaurant is not big, I reckon not more than twenty tables. It's s good thing they used glass walls around to somehow trick the eyes in having spacious vibe. Not much to be told on the interior, they keep it simple and neat with the iconic Uncle Chua's picture, being the Founder, on one of the wall sides.

Call it my luck, but I didn't experience any bad opening week service during our dinner. The service was prompt and the waiter who served us seems to have good product knowledge.

They have three types of pork soup. Popularity bak kut teh (69k) with pork meat, Short spare ribs (89k) with only ribs, and the Founder bak kut teh (79k) which is mixed of both.

We chose the short spare ribs and the Founder bak kut teh so we can taste both kinds of meats. I personally prefer the ribs as they have more meats and its easier to eat. It's pity though of how the pork ribs here tend to be smaller than in Singapore's, and I'm not talking about theirs only, every short ribs in the restaurants here is smaller compare to Spore's.

So, the most important thing from pork bone soup, is definitely the soup. My personal tip for you, ask for the refill soup as soon, don't wait until you finish the one they give you along with the meat, as it was warm (not hot) and a bit bland (not peppery). We felt a bit disappointed as it was so different with the one we tasted back in Spore. But when we tasted the refill one, it was so so so much better. Super hot and peppery.

Moving on, we had the Mixed organ soup (46k) and it was good. Hubs even said it was better than the ribs, ha ha. If you are those people who don't eat intestines then, this one is not for you. But seriously it was good. It had this chewy bouncy texture that wasn't mushy and soft.

We also had the Tau pok (24k), braised egg (12k), You tiau (12k) and Bean curd skin (24k). The tau pok was too thick and hard, definitely not the kind of texture I was hoping for. The others were okay, but if I have to recommend one, probably go for the braised egg only. It was marinated well, full of flavor.

Do I think their bak kut teh is good? Yes.
Is it the same as Singapore's one? No. 
Better? No.
Will I recommend them? Yes.
Will I be back to Jakarta's branch? Probably not.

You can make your own conclusion. Thank you for reading! 

Mall Puri Indah 2nd Flr
(Near XXI)
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah
West Jakarta

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