Monday, August 24, 2015


If one thing Pantai Indah Kapuk can be proud of (or not) is how they are filled with tons of cute instagenic approved kinds of desserts.
Milky Bean is another new dessert house at PIK located few stores away from Hong Tang and Soerae. Easily spotted with its all glass windows. Ah, white windows... there's always just something about them.
Unless you want to have a good pictures where you must sit next to the windows, I will suggest you to take their "bunk bed" seating. Look at the picture below. So unique right? It doesn't come with bed, it's actually tatami style seating, but it's a cozy and unique spot. It's like a bunk bed slash tree house. Recommended seating!

Moving on...

One thing I have to underline here, the service sucks! They really have to do an urgent staff training. My Gosh, the service was such a headache. The staff has no product knowledge at all. We asked her about the menu and she was like blank face. And I get it, the place is new, you're new, but at least have some courtesy to go find out, ask the kitchen and not just let the customer confused. When we politely asked her to ask the kitchen, she just ignored us. WTF? Haiizz... Ciak lat (If you're Medanese, you'll know). 

So, they have some savory menu but we only focused on two desserts. Mostly they are serving Taiwanese and oriental desserts with some ice cream fusion menu.


Okay cute score? 7,5. I mean, come on, he looks just like puss in boots from Shrek! It comes with vanilla and matcha ice cream with milo chocolate chip, red bean, strawberry and astor. The vanilla was too creamy and milky, I liked the matcha better, good texture with right green tea flavor, bitter instead of sweet. But honestly, for me it was a kind of dessert that I won't be coming back for second time. 79k for this was not worth it.


Black sticky rice obviously never looks so cute! This one is acceptable. I have always like black sticky rice and theirs was okay. It wasn't overly sweet and has good texture, it wasn't mushy and I liked how it was a bit savory as well. 

Verdict? Honestly, I was torn. Between my lack of a sweet tooth and my skeptical mind when it comes to cute desserts, but based on these two we tried, I was not impressed. If you have try them, thoughts? 

Milky Bean 
Rukan Garden House Blok B No. 5
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm
IG: @milkybeanjakarta
Price range: 18k - 99k

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erny said...

saya baru ke sana minggu lalu, product knowledge pelayannya uda bagus. pesan sejenis yg kamu posting, tapi pake pocky. menurut saya untuk porsi dessert segitu too pricey