Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Madagaskar is a newly opened restaurant in Plaza Senayan with a unique concept. Their customer target obviously are family with kids, seeing from the "kids friendly" design. The whole idea is turning an imitation of tropical jungle with replicas of animal creatures, trees and plants to look like a restaurant inside a forest. The moment you stepped inside, you would find their souvenir store with mostly stuffed animals for sale, and walk further inside is the restaurant with a very dark lighting. I never really like a restaurant with dimmed lighting, especially a family restaurant type, but I think the lighting has something to do with the whole jungle theme. 

My camera was ran out of battery so the focus button wasn't working, most of the pictures are just blurry, I know. Sorry. :(
Oh yes, I received many DMs when I posted this on IG stories, mostly were asking about the location, the food and the queue, apparently the restaurant is very crowded during weekend. I happened to come on weekday so it was pretty empty, if you are planning to come on weekend, reservation in advance might be needed. 
The location indeed is secluded, hence some of you DMs me saying you never seen this place in Plaza Senayan. It's actually located on the 5th floor, the same floor as XXI. From Marche, turn right, Madagaskar is just next to Applebees'.

I was actually feeling excited when I flipped on the menu and see variety of options to choose from. It's not often to find this kind of family concept restaurant with such big menu. Plus the price range is very affordable. Too bad, the excitement stopped there, because the food was simply too ordinary, taste and presentation wise. They were all so standard that I don't even want to waste my time reviewing them one by one.

Heartbeast Marinara Fries IDR 48.000,-

Madagascar Jungle Fowl BBQ Bread IDR 73.000,-

Oceanic Paella IDR 88.000,-

Oceanic Garlic Olio Pasta IDR 85.000,-

Light Poultry Parmagiana IDR 50.000,-

Dory Fried IDR 45.000,-

I'm pretty sure the fries they used are supermarket frozen one, either that, or they just really can't fried a good fries. If I have to choose, the only decent one was the chicken parmagiana (which I am pretty sure it supposed to be Parmigiana?), the chicken was nicely breaded and juicy on the inside. Quite a steal for 50k.  

If you are a parents or just a great auntie like me, Madagaskar can be a nice options to take your children or nephew and nieces to. I'm pretty sure the kids would enjoy their time here, but food wise, I do feel they need to step up their kitchen skills, because the food need major improvement. 

Thank you for reading, everyone! 

Plaza Senayan 5th Flr
(Near Marche and Applebee's)
Jl. Asia Afrika, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57906082
IG: @madagaskarindonesia

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gadis dis said...

Pernah kesitu sekitar sebulan yang lalu, dateng hari jumat siang dan cuman ada 2 meja yg occupied. Mungkin krn sepi, servicenya excellent banget. But then again... the fooooods gosh what a waste 😫😫 dateng bertiga dan ketiga makanan kita gak ada yg enak, gak ada yg abisin even setengahnya. Waiter-nya tanggap lihat makanan banyak sisa di meja pas kita minta bill langsung tanya kenapa gak abis dan kita jawab jujur aja kurang enak. Langsung bilang maaf dan nawarin buat masakin ulang tapi kita tolak krn emang udah pengen pulang. Akhirny sama managerny dikasih voucher 100K sebagai permintaan maaf