Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ochado bubble tea

The first bubble tea in Jakarta which originated from Japan and not from the bubble tea country, Taiwan. The word of Ocha means tea, and Chado means culture in Japanese. Stepping inside their shop at PIK, loud music were heard. Hmm... loud music at bubble tea shop, that's new. Interior came in dark wooden furniture giving it sort of mystic modern ambiance.

Unlike most of the bubble tea shops with more milk tea selections, Ochado seems to focus more on bringing the best quality tea where quite many options of tea were seen on their menu board from the choices of original iced tea, iced lemonade, iced blend, fusion iced tea, QQ tea and of course premium milk tea selections. I chose Yakult green tea with aloe vera (26k) and took away one glass of Oolong milk tea with pearls (23k) for my brother.

Yakult green tea with aloe vera and Oolong milk tea with pearls
Oolong milk tea with pudding, Ochado's lemonade with basil seeds and Hokkaido layer cake

I like it. It was refreshing with a bit of sour from the Yakult. The tea was quite strong. A friend of mine bought the Oolong milk tea with pearls as well and she love it! Her favorite milk tea of all time is Bobabits, but she told me that Ochado's is way better. The next day I went back with my friend and ordered Ochado's lemonade with basil seeds (26k) and Hokkaido layer cake (22k). I like the lemonade very much, the sourness was in the right amount and it was unique to add basil seeds inside. Yumm. 
I didn't like the layer cake though, first bite I can feel the milk taste on vanilla layer was too overpowering, so I stop at first bite. But my friend enjoyed it, she said it was good. As someone who likes tea and not milk, with all the so many options of teas at Ochado, the place will surely be one of my often go place.

In the future, if they come up with more light snacks and not only bubble teas, they might have crowds as much as Bobabits. ;)

Rukan Crown Golf Blok A No. 23
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29424747/ 29424848

Other branch:
Mall Kota Kasablanka UG Flr
Jl. Casablanca Kav.88
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29464913


cindy said...

gw juga suka Ochado....pertama coba pas di KL, IMO lemonade nya enakan yang sini punya dibanding sana. loe demen matcha ga ? gw kemaren coba matcha nya rasa nya mantep,pait nya berasa!

Ivy said...

Iyahh enak ya cin. G baru pertama denger soal ochado pas dia uda buka di pik. Sblmnya ga tau sm sekali.
Ga gt suka matcha sih soalnya pahit2 ga jelas gt hehe

cindy said...

oh kalo gw justru demen sama matcha, apalagi yang pait2 gtu hehe