Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moya Tapas & Wine Bar

One night, hubby and I were craving for some Spanish. Since there was not many options for Spanish food in Jakarta, we were thinking to go to the usual Tapas Movida until I did some searching and found out Moya Tapas which located in a more strategic location. Without further thinking, we called for reservation and headed there for a 9pm dinner. 

Moya is a tapas and wine bar under the same group of the award winning Harum Manis and French fine dining, Cassis. The three restaurants located under the same roof of Pavillion Apartment in Sudirman. Since I've been to both of their sisters and was pretty much satisfied, I was really looking forward for my first experience on Moya. Again, just like the other two, the dining concept was carefully designed in an unique way. It was sort of castle look a like, with all the brick unfinished walls, black antique chandelier and surprisingly not more than 8 tables bringing such an intimate dinning feels. Personally, I love it. 

Unlike Cassis, Moya comes with much more understandable menu prices. That night, we chose to share Quesadilla de Jamon (grilled tortilla filled with pork and sauce) 120k, Paella mixta (Spanish rice with seafood, chicken and vegetables) 160k, and Champinones salteado con gambas (Sautee mushrooms and prawns) 62k.

The sautee mushrooms and prawns came first in a very tempting presentation. Not to took any advantage of hubby's allergic to prawns, but I did yay couple times that night as I got the whole plate for my self and it was soooooo good!!! The prawns were amazingly fresh and crunchy, very well seasoned and very very delicious.

The paella mixta came in second. Unlike the one at Tapas Movida, the paella in Moya is meant for one person's portion. Although I also like the paella at Tapas Movida, but personally I prefer this one as the rice was cooked nicer, not mushy, it was sort of burnt but tasty kind of way. The seafood filling were not too generous though, but they were all very fresh, especially the jumbo prawn which again yay for my consumption only! At the end of the night, I was a bit drunk by prawn. 

The quesadilla came the latest served in a long plate with two pieces of Quesadilla, one with cheese topping, one with salsa topping, both with pork filling. It was again very delicious. The tortilla was crisp, perfect seasoning and generous pork filling with crunchy cheese stick on the top.

We were very much pleased that night. The service was good, great ambiance and in my honest opinion almost flawless food, presentation and taste wise. Will I be back? Count on it. 

Moya Tapas & Wine Bar 
Pavillion Apartment, Retail Arcade
Jl. KH Mansyur Kav. 24
Jakarta 10220
Ph. +6221 57941500
Opening hours: 11.30 am - 3pm
                        6pm - 11pm

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