Sunday, August 12, 2012

Depot 3.6.9

I once went to Depot 3.6.9 with my mom for their dumplings and find it quite delicious, so some time ago when they were having voucher promo at Disdus, I bought the voucher without any hesitation. My bad was that I used my voucher on the last day of the expiry date which I shouldn't have remembering what kind of service I got from my previous "close to expiry date voucher's" experience.

So, we reached there before 8pm and I was relief that the place was quite empty. I handed my voucher (5 portions of dumpling) to one of the staff and chose 2 plates of Xiao long bao and one plate each of Jiao Zi, Guo tie and Fried xiao long bao (each plate consist of 4pcs priced at 16k). Aside the voucher, we added Sandwich tiongkok (31k) and Beef brisket noodle (35k). 

The noodle was hand made and came in four kinds of types, yellow noodle (from egg yolk), green noodle (from vegetable), white noodle (from white yolk) and rice vermicelli. The noodle can be bought at 60k per kg. It was stated they didn't use any additive or food coloring. 
All the orders which didn't use voucher were served promptly. The noodle was nicely cooked, it was firm, savory and well seasoned, small portion though. The sandwich tiongkok was a plate of 2pcs mantou and kou rou (braised pork belly), and it was delicious.
After we finished, the not so good part came. It took so long until our dumplings were served. The two plates of xiao long bao were served around 30 minutes since we ordered and it came without the vinegar and ginger which was supposed to be mandatory, we asked for it to 1-2 different waiters and still didn't served to us, so we decided to just eat it without the dipping sauce. It was good although it was not consistent. Some of the dumpling's skin were too thick, some of the filling inside was dry without any of the meat juice. Around 20 minutes later, a plate of jiao zi finally came.

After those 3 plates, the other guo tie and fried xiao long bao were taking too long until we decided not to wait for it and ask for the bill. One of the customers even pissed off and yelled at the waiter as according to the her, she had been waiting for 1,5 hours! I on the other hand choose to just walk away. 

Yes, I was disappointed, but I ate there before and the food serving was usually prompt, so I think they were really overload even though it was not even crowded. I do hope in the future they and all the diners could really pay attention on whether they have enough resources to handle the crowd before they do such massive promotion. As for me, I promise to be more selective and try to not use the voucher too near the expiry date.

Depot 3.6.9
Pluit Village 1st flr No. 107
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 66670367

Other branch: 
- Boulevard Raya Timur NB 1/ 41 (+6221 45853131)
- Jl. Mangga Besar Raya 57 A (+6221 6594613)
- Ruko Prisma Kedoya Blok B10, Kebon Jeruk (+6221 5310001)

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