Friday, August 31, 2012

[CLOSED] Little Taiwan

Many things can be done to ease the stress. One of my way is by having my own "me time". I love having a me time. Go anywhere I want, sleep all day, eat anywhere I want, anything I want to do just by my self. One of "me time" moment I enjoy is to go by my self to mall and just wandering around without a purpose. Some of my friends think it was weird to go eat or walk around alone, but I personally find it relaxing.

Anyway, lately I have been quite busy so a "me time" was not as easy as before. However, around two weeks before Lebaran, I had a day off and I have several things I planned to do but instead on the day, I pampered my self with a non cooking day and got my self a longer nap, around afternoon I was feeling hungry and decided to drive to the nearest mall to grab some lunch. I gotta say, whoever build Emporium pluit, thank you!. It was not really the most fun mall to go, but location wise, great for me.

Just realized I spent quite much writings babbling about none but the food itself. >.< Ok, second anyway, I didn't really know what I wanted to eat, so when I walked across Little Taiwan, I just instantly walked in. 

I thought they were from Taiwan, turns out even it served Taiwanese food, but the restaurant itself was originally from Malaysia. I got to learn from the menu that their favorite was three treasures beef noodle where the soup is prepared using selected beef bones and boiled over a period of 48 hours. However that day I was more interested on their claypot horfun, so I went with Claypot horfun with three treasures beef (52k). I looked at the menu and they have my favorite greens which was lettuce. I seldom find Chinese dining in Jakarta who served lettuce on their vegetable menus, so I ordered a plate of Vegetable lettuce (22k). 

Funny thing happened when I ordered Bubble jasmine green tea (12k). Assuming they used the bubble word plus there were pictures of bubble milk tea beverages on the menu , my thought was the jasmine green tea came with bubble toppings, but when I asked the waiter, she told me it didn't come with bubble. 

Me: Is the bubble jasmine green tea comes with bubble toppings? 
W: No. 
Me: But it's called bubble jasmine green tea. 
W: (laughing awkward) Yes, it's just the name. It's actually only a sweet iced green tea. 
Me: So it's only like a cool nick name? 
W: (again laughing awkward) sort of...
Me: ??? Ok. 

Food was served promptly. My horfun was served in a hot claypot with generous braised beef, beef tripe and beef venetian. It was quite ok, the horfun was smooth and not oily. Lettuce was not overcooked so it was still a bit crunchy, but sadly was lack of seasoned. As for the bubble jasmine green tea, it looked like a light beer as it was frothy on the top, turns out it was shaken iced tea, it came to me that maybe the frothy thing was what they meant by bubble. Well, maybe... since the waiter didn't pass a clearer information.

Overall, if you looking for a quick and affordable lunch, Little Taiwan can be an option. As for me, one visit is enough. :)

Little Taiwan
Emporium Mall Pluit, 4th flr
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya No. 1
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29071946

Other branch:
Mall Kota Kasablanka LG flr


Cend Woo said...

so. what's the purpose of using bubble for its name ? neat writing as always :)

Ivy said...

Ya lho... that's wat I thought too. i mean, wats the point? :)