Sunday, August 26, 2012

Magnum M Cafe

Back then, when Magnum Cafe was opened only for temporary period during their launching campaign, I had one visit only. Despite I used to work in the building connected to Grand Indonesia, still the queuing turn me off. However, the only 1 time visit was memorable for me. I love their prawn aglio olio and the ice cream waffle creation. So, when Magnum is back with a new concept & location under Ismaya group, I eagerly went for another try out.

Several weeks ago, I met up with some of my old colleagues for a lunch there. The new location took place at the upper floor of Fun World. The exterior wow me, with dark wooden and gold color, the place looked expensive. However, different view was seen as I entered the diner, even with all the mirrors and chocolate paintings exposed on the brick wall, it still looked much humbler compare to the outside. They also provide an outdoor roof top dining, not spacious but comfy enough to sit there during sunset or early evening.

As the concept is "house of chocolate", the menu offered more on dessert and ice cream creation more than heavier meal. Some to mention from the appetizers and main courses selections were Fried calamari, nachos, chicken wings, spaghetti, steak and fried rice. While the desserts include creations pair up with waffle, fruits, crepes, fondue, even rainbow cake not to mention all the liquid beverage desserts. 

We chose Calamari vindaloo (curry fried calamari with lime sauce) 35k, Fried champignon, Spaghetti a la diable (aglio olio spaghetti with chicken) 40k, De panne fish basket (fish and chips with tartar sauce and potato wedges) 45k, and Steak la grand place (tenderloin steak with rocket pesto sauce and mashed potatoes) 80k. 

Calamari vindaloo

We ordered two plates of calamari and they served them in different timing. When the first plate came, we didn't see any curry sauce (one of my friend ordered this before and she said the fried calamari supposed to have this yellow curry color covered), when the second plate came, it supposed to be the right one as we saw and tasted curry flavor, not plain like the first plate. Hence, we asked them to changed it and they directly served the new curry flavor one.
The fried mushrooms were okay, not fantastic but cooked well, not mushy and not too much covered with flour.

Fried champignon
Spaghetti a la diable
De panne fish basket
Steak la grand place

The main courses didn't blow us away. Spaghetti was good, nicely cooked and well seasoned although personally I always find aglio olio is more suitable to be cooked with prawn rather than chicken or any other meat. The fish n chips was so so, well the fish was fresh and both potatoes and fish were nicely cooked in a non oily way but the taste was ordinary. My beef steak or so it called was definitely a turn off, it was not a patty steak, but I really felt like I was eating ground minced beef, sort of like patty beef served in burger. It was dry and don't get me started on the juiciness. The only acceptable thing on the plate to me was the mashed potatoes and mushrooms.

Overall, was the lunch memorable to me? Not so much. But taking consideration on the affordable prices, the design concept and the fact that I haven't try their ice cream creations, I might be back one day and hopefully that one day will turn out memorable.

House of Chocolate by Magnum
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, 6th floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
Ph. +6221 23580055


Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Hey! We ordered a lot of the same stuff! The steak, calamari, spaghetti. We must have similar taste buds ey ;)

cindy said...

bener, aglio olio cocok nya sama prawn or other seafood. terus kaya nya ayam nya bagian dada ya, jadi agak kering gitu kalo menurut gw.

Inez Fransisca said...

Loh vy, malah ga pesen es krimnya toh hohoho

Ivy said...

@ellyna: hehehe looks like it.
@cindy: iyaaa tp anehnya punya si ellyna koq bs dptnya dgn prawn.
@inez: hahaha iyaaa pdhl bekennya malah ice creamnya ya. Abis pas selesai perut uda ga muat lagi.

Anonymous said...

waktu di tempat pertama sih emang coba beberapa main course nya ga terlalu ngena di hati. Malah curious sama beberapa menu dessert baru katanya ada ya :D

Ivy said...

@yuvie: banyak bgtt dessert barunya. Aku kmrn pas uda full bgt jd ga bs cobain. Hehehe