Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Otel Lobby

Otel Lobby is having a tweet campaign until Aug 15th (to participate, go to their twitter @otellobby) and last week I was lucky enough to win a free beef wellington from their "tweet to win beef wellington" campaign. Yay! The reason I was so excited was because Otel Lobby is one of the place I had been wanting to go since its opening, yet never did due to the location is famous for heavy traffic. So, a 145k worth beef wellington was good enough to drag my lazy moody ass down there. 

To avoid traffic (yes, I hate traffic that much), hubby and I decided to leave the house a bit late. So that night we reached Otel Lobby around 9 something and the place was almost empty. I must say that I love both interior and exterior. The entrance was designed similar to a hotel's lobby. The whole dark ambiance together with the modern chic design suited my personal liking.

Before I went to dinner, I asked one fellow blogger, Urukyu for her recommendation and she suggested the salmon and pineapple sorbet, so besides the free beef wellington, we chose Apple salad (40k) and OTL meatballs (55k) for the entree, Pan seared salmon (105k) for main course and ended the night with Toblerone puff (35k).

Apple Salad
OTL Meatballs

It was our first time tried apple salad and we were really satisfied. Slices of fresh green and red apples on top of local greens with roasted sweet potato and sprinkles of chopped peanuts was delicious! We didn't really like the meatballs though. I think it was a bit inconsistent as some of them were perfectly grilled and juicy, but some of them were too mushy. The staff told us that we came at happy hour time and the meatballs that we ordered was one of the happy hour menu which was buy 1 get 1. Too bad the delicious apple salad is not included in the happy hour menu, but free meatballs sounds good too, I mean... it's free! ;)

Finally, the beef wellington. Tons of curiosity had been raised since I saw this Gordon Ramsay's signature dish on Hell's Kitchen. Served with creamy smooth mashed potatoes, the beef was well cooked just like we asked, medium rare. It was juicy and well seasoned but too bad the pastry felt too soft mushy kind of way. Personally, I prefer the pan seared salmon. Urukyu was right. It was delicious. The salmon's skin was crisp yet the fish itself was very soft and tender. Seasoned perfectly along with two pieces of fried mussels and beet puree. The mussels were good, but we didn't like the puree. Too bitter for our taste. 

Closing the night, I was torn between sorbet or Toblerone puff. In the end I chose Toblerone puff and regretted it. A slice of choux pastry with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and melted toblerone, with 1 cups of dark melted chocolate. All I can say that the pastry was nicely baked, very light but the rest was just so so.
Beef Wellington
Pan Seared Salmon
Toblerone Puff

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our dinner very much. Great ambiance, good food. Thanks Otel Lobby for the complimentary beef wellington, it was a delight. :)

Note: The happy hour at Otel Lobby was supposed to be from 4-7pm, but during Ramadhan month, it become 8.30-11pm. 

Otel Lobby 
Jl. Epicentrum Tengah
Southgate Entrance
The Annex Building of Bakrie Tower 
Kuningan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29941324
Opening hours: 11am - 11pm (weekend until 12 mid)


cindy said...

gw juga suka sama salmon nya, kulitnya itu loh.......yum!

Ivy said...

Ho oh enak yah... Hoki lo uda ksh tau g jd bs pesen :D