Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eastern Promise

One of my distributors in the company I used to worked for told me her favorite Indian restaurant is Eastern Promise which located at Kemang. She has told me quite some time about this, but Kemang is not a place I often go to due to it was quite far from where I live. So one day, my distributors and I meet up to have a lunch here. I normally go to Kinara or Ganesha whenever I have craving for Indian food so I was very excited to try a new place, especially the one to be claimed served the best Indian food. 

Turns out Eastern Promise is not specialized in Indian food only, they are English style pub which also serve British food. Took place in an old house turned into restaurant, the place itself gives a homey and intimate ambiance with the dim yellow lights and all the wooden furniture. As it used to be an old house, the place has several rooms with different atmosphere, dining room, bar and pool table room, outdoor dining also a room where you can watch the sports on TV.

It was almost empty when we arrived that noon although I was informed the place is always crowded mostly with expatriate during evening and weekend. So we seated and started to order garlic naan (25k), cheese naan (30k), raisin naan (25k), lamb rogan josh (70k), mixed seafood masala (75k), and Chicken tikka masala (60k).

I was lucky to came with my distributors who had been a frequent customer so they just know the right food to order. Their lamb rogan josh (double cream, garam masala, grated almonds and tomatoes) was delicious! No over powering lamb smells, the cream texture was good and well seasoned. I enjoyed it very much dipping it with the naan, and it was one of the best naan, thick, fluffy and moist. My favorite as always the garlic one, I don't eat dairy and I didn't like the sweet flavor in the raisin one. Their signature chicken tikka masala was also a top notch, very soft and tender.

Lamb Rogan Josh
Chicken Tikka Masala

I was very satisfied with my lunch here. They served delicious Indian food with affordable price, much cheaper than both I used to go. Very recommended for those who loves Indian food. If only it was not located so far away, I'll be their frequent customer too. 

Eastern Promise
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 5
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 71790151


Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

I had Chicken Schnitzel here last time. And it was quite good too =)

Hlu // Ata said...

Belom sempet cobain ini, tp tiap kali lewat restonya selalu rame

Ivy said...

@ellyna: really? Glad to hear the british food is also enjoyable.

@ata: coba dtg pas siang dech. Klo mlm memang gila ramenya :)