Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bunga Rampai Menteng

I met my girls during my six years working in a health & skincare company. Over the time, none of us five still works in the same company. One got married and moved to Spore. One got married and pursuing her ambitious doctor degree in Philippine. While the other three including me has their own life here in town. With 4 husbands, 1husband to be, 2 kids, different cities live in, we still managed to stay close and catch up whenever we have time.

Last Sunday, one of them was coming for a short visit from Spore. Just like any Indonesians who moved to other country, when they're in town, Indonesian food is the main choice. We took her to one of Jakarta's prettiest dining, Bunga Rampai.

I haven't been to Bunga Rampai since they renovate the place. The new look is even more gorgeous than before. I am one of those person who attracts more to beautiful and pretty designs rather than cute kawaii stuff. If you're like me, you must take a visit here. With flowers and chandeliers everywhere, Bunga Rampai offers stylish and classy dining ambiance.

They have Sunday brunch cost at 245k++ per person but after checking out the buffet, we decided to go for ala carte.

Deep fried prawn wrapped in spring roll sheet with chilli mango sauce.
What an unique presentation huh? It's crazy how creative people can be to even think of placing the spring rolls hanging at a pineapple. The spring rolls were good, inside outside crunchy and crisp, nicely fried. Good pairing with the chilli mango sauce.

Steamed aromatic pandan leaves rice served with diced omelet, beef skewer, galangal and tumeric fried chicken, potato and shrimp light curry, corn fritter, sweet soya bean cake fritter, sweet potato chip, served with chilli bilimbi fruit peanut sauce and shrimp crackers. 
The rice was not fragrant enough but it was fluffy, so no complaint on that. All the condiments were nicely cooked and flavored good. 

Javanese style fried rice with shredded chicken, scrambled egg, deep fried "engraulidae" and deep fried soya bean on the top, served with pickles and shrimp crackers. 

Javanese style rice noodles with shredded chicken, cabbage, sliced omelette with caramelized shallot on top. 

The look of these two was a turn off. Too plain with no garnish. But, in defense, we did ask them to not put any veggies inside as my friends' kids don't eat greens. Flavor wise, both were delicious. The seasoning just right.

Combination of turmeric chicken skewer, beef skewer and Balinese savory minced shrimp and fish skewer, served with shallot, bird eye chilli, kafir lime leaf in lime juice coconut oil and sweet soya sauce. 
The satay looks and tasted appetizing. We loved every single skewers especially the grilled prawn!

Grilled chicken with sweet soya sauce, caramelized shallot and nasnaran mandarin. 
Okay, this one is too expensive for its tiny portion. 107k and they don't even served whole chicken. I mean, do they know their chicken rates double of the price in the market? Luckily, again the taste was not disappointing. The chicken was properly cooked, marinated well and tasted so good. Yes, despite the tiny portion.

Deep fried corn kernel, served with hot, sweet and sour bilimbi peanut sauce. 
Would you be bored if I again say that this one is also good? Coz it is. I hate it when something fried comes in too much oil that it has this greasy taste, but this one doesn't. They deep fried it so well that we didn't feel any oily nor greasy taste. It was very crisp.

Stir fry wing bean with North Sulawesi traditional fish relished. 
I must be too lost to even know that this is Indonesian dish. I don't even know what kecipir was until my friend ordered it. When I looked at the dish, I instantly told them that I thought it was Filipino's food as I only ate it once during my Philippine trip and lovin' it. I kept telling my hubs if we ever go back to Manila, I'll have this again. So stupid that I don't even know it's our local food. Anyway, it was good. Love it. Though my friend told me she had better one at Tesate.

Fermented cassava, Javanese mung bean flour, black grass jelly, sliced palm fruit kernel, coconut flesh, syrup, condensed milk and shaved ice. 

Rice gruel, black sticky rice, banana compote, black grass jelly, Javanese mung bean flour jelly, sliced palm fruit kernel, coconut flesh, palm sugar syrup, coconut milk and shaved ice. 

Okay, I am a sucker when it comes to Indonesian desserts, especially all their shaved ices. Love them all. I'm not really cakes or any of those western Italian desserts kind of person, but these, I love. I would recommend you to have their Es Campoer. It was very good! Not too sweet, just perfect. The Es Bunga Rampai was not really memorable, should just skip it.

I would say we loveee every dishes and I personally can't wait to come back. Bunga Rampai is definitely the place to be for Indonesian fine food. The place, the food, the quality are top notch. Too bad they were understaffed during our visit so the service kinda blows.

PS: If the weather is perfect by the time you visit, try to sit on their semi rooftop seating. So pretty!

Great companies, good laugh, great food, stunning ambiance. What's more to ask? Bunga Rampai, you won me.

Bunga Rampai
Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 35
Menteng, Central Jakarta
Ph. +6221 31926225
Opening hours: 11am - 11pm 
Price range: 
Appetizers: 36k-210k
Main courses: 45k-215k
Desserts: 30k-90k